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Artificial Intelligence Powering Talent Management Solutions

We offer solutions for the whole Human Resources Management process
“The greatest talents often lie buried out of sight” - Plautus
Our A.I. powered solutions will identify and engage the talent you can’t reach! - Talented
Talented is the expert in Talent Management Solutions, introducing the latest Technologies available for the whole scope of Human Resources Management, including Artificial Intelligence.
We can offer solutions to your sourcing, your selection, your HR support, your training, your employee engagement and your employee well-being.
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Today, the World’s most important assets are People.

We have tested an array of AI technologies to simplify the HR process, increase efficiency, and become a highly service driven business towards our clients. Your company has amazing people who need to focus on the important tasks, spending time with potential and existing talent, not with data.

AI will augment your HR Management team’s capacity to engage with new and existing Talent.

Using our solutions and expertise, you will:

AI will increase and improve your Talent pipeline and selection
AI automation will free up your time for relationship building & other priorities
AI platforms and solutions will significantly reduce your cost per hire
AI will help increase employee productivity and efficiency
Engagement & Well-being solutions helps improve staff retention

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”
Albert Einstein

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We define your needs and goals to present the most suitable solutions to you. Here are the areas we focus on:

  • Talent Acquisition Management
    • Talent Acquisition Management Consultancy
      • AI Sourcing and Matching
      • Chatbot
      • AI Job Optimisation
      • AI based Talent Assessments
      • Intelligence Video Selection
      • AI driven social media job marketing

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  • Talent Management Solutions
    • Talent Acquisition Solutions Consultancy
      • AI, VR, AR Training
      • Employee Well Being
      • Employee Engagement
      • Workforce Management System
      • AI Driven Performance Management
      • Onboarding

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