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Innovative Recruitment Solutions

Using Artificial Intelligence solutions, our team can match the right candidate with the right position!
“The greatest talents often lie buried out of sight” - Plautus
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Start a Wonderful career and Get the job of your dreams!

For over 20 years, we have been working with candidates and clients in many sectors, assisting them finding the right Talent or Position. So, we decided to make sure we used Technology as the back-bone of our processes, so we can offer a strong competitive advantage for both our candidates and our clients.

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Today, the World’s most important assets are People!

We have tested an array of AI technologies to simplify the Talent acquisition process, increase efficiency, and therefore, become a highly service driven business towards our clients.

Talented can help candidates and clients on an International scale, as AI has no limits. Therefore, offering a great quality service to our candidates and clients, matching the right skills and the right people with the right jobs.


Be Happy at work - Choose the right job for you!

Talented International makes sure you find the right role for the next step in your career.


We make sure you will find the best place to work!

Our matching technology enables us to increase the chances of you being happy in your job!


We collaborate with companies in many countries

We assist with jobs in Germany, France, UK & Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and the United States


Get it right - Talent & positions go hand in hand for success!

Our Team has many years of experience finding the right Talent for the right Position

AI augments our speed and abilities to match people by discovering the right data, to improve the selection of Talent.

We engage with new and existing Talent to match them to the best vacancies from our clients.

Artificial Intelligence enables us to select candidates based on various areas

AI will identify your skills and categorize them for us
AI automation saves us time and enables us to respond to everyone
AI helps us benchmark your salary with market standards
Our systems are connected and can match your skills and our vacancies easily
We make sure our systems comply with regulations so your data is secured

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”
Albert Einstein

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Welcome to Talented International! We power Recruitment using Artificial Intelligence