3 Myths About Recruitment

3 Myths About Recruitment

Mila Haase

Talented International

The thing with myths is, that nobody knows where they exactly are coming from but everybody – well, at least most of the people – believe that they are true. The problem is that most of the myths are not right. Sometimes not even a little bit! So, let´s have a look on the myths that are in everybody’s mouth when it comes to Recruitment.

Let´s talk about the Top 3 myths of Recruitment and let us explain to you why they are so wrong.

1. There is no need for recruiters

WRONG! In times of digitization there is a high number of jobs that you can find easily on the internet. But not all jobs are available online so only recruiters have access to them because the companies work with them. Why? Thereby, companies get the most qualified talent offered from recruiters. It is like a win-win for companies and candidates and the recruiter is the key to this success.


2. Recruiting is a lame office job

DEPENDS! First, it depends in which recruitment agency you are working. Second, when you do not like working in an office at all, it may be not the right job for you. But it is more than just a monotonous job where you just have to do cold-mailing and calls. You build up a relation with your customers. You are always searching for new possible clients and must be super flexible. One time you have the perfect candidate for a company and the other day he will ghost you, so you must find a solution.


3. We make the final decisions on whether you get the job or not

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We can help our candidates to be perfectly prepared for the different stages of interviews with the company, but the final decision maker is and always will be the company itself.


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