5 Great Ways companies use Artificial Intelligence to recruit employees

It’s obvious that employees are one of the most valuable assets of any organization.

Indeed, they play a significant role in contributing to profit and revenue but most of the companies are looking to hire the best talent to join them.


The recruitment process is getting digitized. With the escalation of technology, we saw different innovative recruitment software that offers many benefits.


But much of the credit for recruitment goes to AI.


According to research from Oracle in 2020 (source below), 10% of organizations have already integrated Artificial Intelligence in their HR department, while another 36% are planning to incorporate it within the next couple of years.


It’s true that Artificial Intelligence has disrupted in many industries such as manufacturing, retail, real estate, and others.


Now, it has come to HR people finding the best candidates to fill positions through AI.


Let’s highlight some samples on how you can employ Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment process:

1) Sourcing online applications

The first role that Artificial Intelligence plays in the recruitment process is helping companies to automate the scanning of resumes. In a traditional approach, the recruiters had to devote a lot of time to applicant tracking using various keywords, data points, and workflows.


All these searches are simplified through AI technology.


Artificial intelligence allows the HR team to become digital recruiting consultants to accelerate the selection process. AI can focus on prioritizing the best resumes to further proceed with the recruitment.


According to the survey mentioned above:

  • 96% of the HR managers believe that AI has great potential to help in the right talent acquisition.
  • 55% of the managers say that AI will become a regular part of the recruitment process within the next five years.
  • Automation in recruitment has allowed the HR department to save 14 hours a week.
  • 65% of HR managers do not see Artificial Intelligence as a threat to their jobs.

2) Recruiting robots… well, Chatbots!

This can be considered as one of the most innovative techniques in which you can implement an interviewing robot to hire the best candidate. In fact, those can help majorly in the initial screening process, by asking specific questions and guiding the candidate to the most suited job for them.


This advanced technology involves a combination of interview analytics and natural language processing. It helps to analyze the candidate’s personality traits and skills. In fact, this advanced robot can conduct the interview without any biases.


But you need to consider that the potential of the robot depends on the data that has been used to teach the algorithm on how to behave

3) AI driven HR Analytics for Salary and Benefits

Often, the HR department has to solve a difficult puzzle when it comes to deciding on the right compensation package for a deserving candidate. Traditionally, the HR manager goes for salary negotiation, which is a time-consuming process.


Aside from the salary, the HR manager also has to determine other important factors such as overtime pay, compensation, paid leaves, healthcare benefits, joining bonus, and much more.


Of course, the right package for the candidate depends on his soft skills, expertise in the area, and experience. Also, HR has to take into account the industry standards and follow the local rules related to employee recruitment.


Artificial Intelligence has been a great asset to the HR department here. The technology empowers companies to consider geographical data and take specific skills into account.

HR Analytics has been a strong answer to using data to make decisions, by collecting market information and cross matching with internal company data.

Apart from that, the compensation software has simplified the process.

4) Simplified Background & Reference checks using AI

Most companies conduct a necessary background check on the candidate to see whether his given credentials are true or false. In the conventional method, background checks were more or less a very tedious job that consumed a lot of time.


Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the scenario has changed, and this process has sped up.


An AI-powered background check allows employees to have more privacy and reduced biases. In addition to that, it also simplifies the background checks, the company can verify the information of the candidate more quickly and efficiently in a more scalable manner.


Artificial Intelligence is not only an incredible technology that simplifies background checks, but it also conducts reference checks. This is yet another time-consuming process, which has been streamlined.


One of the major issues of traditional reference checks is the reliability of the person providing the reference and the candidate in question.


Also, the references do not get automated reminders, and you can’t replicate the task for multiple jobs.


The AI-enabled reference check allows you to avoid these issues. The software will automate the entire procedure where all details can be accessed on a single platform.

5) AI driven Employee skills training

The role of the HR manager and his team is not restricted to hiring the best candidates for the required post, but also paving the way for them to build their strengths.


Artificial Intelligence provides you with a high-value set of pre-employment assessment tools for each of the candidates.


It is also important to note that some organizations have taken their recruitment process to the next level with AI. These companies are collaborating on scientific testing with data analytics to understand the in-depth mindset of the candidates.


In addition to that, they employ machine learning to analyze team performance and setting.


Artificial Intelligence tools allow them to make improved employee decisions, where they can pay attention to their welfare as a whole.


The entire process of candidate recruitment and selection has undergone a transformational change with innovation like AI. The organizations can choose the most deserving candidates for a given position based on their knowledge, talent, and experience.


I think it’s definitely time to automate HR activities and process with advanced AI tools.




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