5 pro tips from recruitment agencies

5 pro tips from recruitment agencies

1.Choose the right recruitment agency for your needs, not all recruitment firms do the same job with the same techniques. For example, we use AI to help with our recruitment process. Make sure you define what you need and how well-advanced their sourcing techniques or their interviewing styles and processes.

2.Train your staff with the best methods or tools, this will make you more efficient. Training has really become a crucial part to both get your staff up to date and engage them to stay with you

3.When you get a new candidate application, always answer as fast as you can, you do not want to lose the opportunity of this candidate, as if they are pro active, they will apply to a few places. You want to try to be first. Recruiters can often be too slow to answer to a new talent, so they will get called by another company.


4.Be flexible, a short-term or casual assignment could prove how valuable they are and you might lead them onto a long-term position. Do not let a good employee leave just because it is the end of their contract. Retention is less costly than new hires!.

5.Be clear what you want. Full-time, part-time, long-term or short-term, know exactly what you want.

Finally, we still advise you to work with recruitment agencies as it is simpler for you because they have years of experience.



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