8 Tips to interview candidates

8 Tips to interview candidates

Interview preparation is often mentioned for candidates, but not often for recruiters. However, recruiters should also be prepared to conduct sometimes several interviews a day. 

So here are some tips:


You have to be prepared for the interview before the candidate arrives: be familiar with his CV and prepare questions beforehand so that you know what you want to emphasize. We require candidates to do all the research they can on our company to prove their interest and motivation, the least we can do is to prove to them that we have understood their CV, that we are interested in them and that we are not interviewing them by chance.


You should choose a strategic meeting place. It is important to choose a room that enhances the company’s image and gives a positive first impression to the candidate: a room that is ideally bright and airy, isolated from traffic and noise. The goal is for the candidate to feel comfortable in order to succeed in the job interview and to be able to project himself into the company. 


Before starting the interview, it is always good to prepare an introduction to put the candidate at ease. It doesn’t have to be very long, you just explain who you are, why you are meeting, how the interview will be organized and what the objective of the interview is, and maybe how long the interview will last. This will help to relax the atmosphere.


It seems logical, but when dealing with a candidate, it is important to be sympathetic, and not to confuse professionalism with distance. An interview is a stressful moment for many candidates. The simple fact of offering water or coffee, of being pleasant and open, puts the candidate in the best conditions to succeed and give him a positive vision of the company. You don’t need to overdo it, you can simply ask them if the journey went well and if they found the place easily. Being warm enables the candidate to express himself without fear, and not to feel judged or evaluated.


Throughout the interview, make sure that the wording is clear and that the candidate understands the questions. Do not hesitate to regularly invite the candidate to participate. The exchange should be reciprocal and it is important to encourage the candidate to ask questions, both to check his understanding of the job, and to assess his skills. 


Listen, let the candidate speak, look at him: an interview is above all an exchange. The aim is to get the candidate to talk about who he is and what he can do and bring to the company. But it is not just about asking questions: you have to listen to the answers and show that you are really interested in what they have to say. 


Be factual and give concrete and accurate information. The candidate should not be the only one answering questions and talking about himself. Give an overview of the company, the position, the key skills, the organizational chart and the remuneration. It is important to be transparent and to give real information that will enable candidates to understand the objectives of the position.


At the end of the interview, you should explain the potential next interviews and steps. You should also commit to keep the candidate informed and respect the deadlines. A candidate should never be left without news after an interview, it is important to remain honest, even for a negative decision. If you want more advice on the process after the interview, you can read our article on how to debrief with your candidates.

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