Cybersecurity and AI: the new era of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and AI: the new era of cybersecurity

With the evolution of the digital and the Artificial intelligence is taking more and more importance in many fields, and nowadays Ai is taking part even in the cybersecurity.

Automatisation process, data collection, and AI algorithms are the ground of the cybersecurity, and provide a wider range of protection. AI is creating a proactive process and provides better protection and action in case of an attack, meaning that having AI products enable companies to reduce incident response time and to engage actions.

How does AI improve cybersecurity?


Thread hunt:

The traditional techniques to counter cyber attacks are using indicators, signatures to identify them, but even though those techniques are effective the problem is that if the attack has not been discovered yet, there is no possibility to identify the signature. 

With AI, the effectiveness rate of those techniques could increase from 90% to 95% but as a result, the false positive rate will explode. To minimize this consequence the best solution will be to use both techniques: AI and traditional.

Managing vulnerabilities:

More and more vulnerabilities are appearing and have consequences for the non prioritization of the manager. Moreover, the traditional techniques are based on the wait of the hacker to attack and then neutralize them. AI and machine learning are able to analyze the behaviour of the account of the user, servers, and database to identify the unusual behaviour that can represent an attack and that before that the attack is actually reported. 

Data center:

Ai is not only used for analyzing accounts but it is also used for the optimization of the data center such as temperature cooling, power consumption and updating. Moreover AI can be used to alter you when you have to fix the equipment. For example Google noticed a reduction of 40% of the cooling costs since they decided to use the AI for their data centers. 

There are limitations of using AI in the cybersecurity field:

The first one is that the company has to invest a lot of time and resources to implement and use AI. They must set computers, memory, data build and some of them don’t have the time or the ressources to do it. Therefore, AI is learning via data sets, and to do it you need to mobilize your security team on it. Your teams will have to work with many data sets, numerous codes, malwares and anomalies. Hence, the many resources and time. 

The second is Talent, as you need to be sure that you have great Security Engineers who are versed with new AI methods and techniques so they can keep up with the technologies. This can be solved with upgraded training of course to get your staff up to speed.

The third is a constant need to upgrade and stay up with latest techniques, but usually this is the case for any Technologies.

Finally, if you’re using AI, hackers are too. They make malwares resistant to AI and develop advanced attacks. So, this becomes a constant pursuit, but you need to be in it to win it!

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