Do you work in a toxic environment? The early indications

Do you work in a toxic environment? The early indications

Mila Haase

Talented International

Your workplace is the place where you spend most of your time. People spend about 40 hours a week in the office. Eight hours a day, mostly from 9 am to 5 pm. You could say it is something like your “second home”.

Now imagine the feeling of being home but not feel comfortable and safe. You do not want to go there and every time you are thinking of going to this place you get stomach pain. That is not how you want to feel at the place you spend so much time of your life at. This is not what a “second home” is supposed to feel like.


Answer yourself these questions: Have you ever felt this uncomfortable and unsafe at your work? Have you ever felt unseen and unappreciated for the great work you did? Have you ever felt like I always being so tired?


Answered all of them with a YES? Then you did not arrive at your second home but at a toxic workplace with an even more toxic environment.

But what are the early indications of a toxic working environment?

1. Poor communication.

Silence everywhere and all the time. No one has the need to talk to one another. Everybody looks so tired, everybody is so tensed, the air condition is bad and there is not a single interaction between anybody. And as soon you enter the office, your motivation and cheerful mood are gone. That’s when you know your workplace is toxic for you and all your colleagues.


2. Have you ever seen your leadership?

Like a ghost, your superior simply disappears into his office and never shows up for his employees. And when she/he does it would have been better, she/he just went back to his room because the conversations are most of the time very disrespectful. A supervisor that never shows up and when she/he does, it is only to deliver instructions in an insulting tone. It is as if a nightmare has come true and you are a part of it. Your superior is unable to communicate with his employees at eye level. A warning sign of a toxic environment!


3. Gossip at the expense of others in the office.

A bit of gossiping has never hurt anyone and is even said to be healthy. However, it does harm from the moment it is mean and leads to the person concerned feeling excluded and in the worst case it, even becomes bullying. As soon as gossip spreads uncertainty in the office it is already too late and the relationship between colleagues is destroyed.


4. Is your boss open to criticism and listens to the problems of the employees?

If not, then you know, that there is no respectful, tolerant, and social environment. Your supervisor does not listen to you or your employees and does not want to hear any criticism or problems. There is no room for your struggles and when you need help you do not get it. There is a lack of communication that leads to frustration, demotivation, and insecurity.

How to get out of a toxic work environment?

1. Try to talk to your colleagues.

Chances are that you are not the only one who feels badly treated and depressed because of poor working conditions. Seek contact with others and talk about it. Try to be a team!


2. You need time for yourself.

Start a new hobby, e.g. gym or swimming. In the best case, you will meet new people there. Try to relax to relieve stress.


3. Always be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Keep all emails and document any phone calls, meetings or comments. If you decide to file a complaint, you will need these documents to support your claim.


4. Start looking for a new job.

You need a plan B and a strategy. You can always look for new job opportunities. This might give you a positive feeling and you have in mind that even in the worst case scenario at your current job, e.g. if you get fired or “escalate”, you already have other options.

And always remember: no job is worth becoming unhappy and mentally ill.


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