4 tips to find a job on social networks in pharmaceuticals

With an expanding global market valued at more than $1 billion and constant innovation to develop new drugs, the pharmaceutical sector is a strategic and interesting industry. However, it is very challenging to get into: skilled staff face strong competition and young graduates are rushing to the frontline jobs

If you want to join the pharmaceutical industry, using social networks can be a stepping stone. In reality, even if the pharmaceuticasector was traditionally not very adapted to the use of social platforms, companies are increasingly active on social networks and use online platforms to exchange with their customers, to promote their products and above all to post job offers and look for new talent!

Here are 4 tips to make you benefit from social networks:


Today social networks are not only a platform for entertainment, they can also be an incredible resource for professional careers. There are many job offers, for all profiles. The main ones are Facebook and LinkedIn, which have invested a lot in creating a platform suitable  for  companies  to  publish  job  offers  online  but  also  suitable  for  candidates. LinkedIn, the leading social network in recruitment, is perfect for headhunters and job seekers: the platform is personalized and adapts the corresponding job offers to the pro1le of the candidate (who has previously filled in his profil, personal CV).


Nowadays, most companies are aware of the power of the internet and social networks and use these tools, especially to recruit new talent. Today, 91% of employers use social networks to hire talent, so it is a privileged and indispensable platform to look for a job. Big pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, Novartis or Johnson & Johnson are very active online, and regularly publish job offers. Given the high level of competition when it comes to applying for job positions, it is interesting to follow them on social networks, in order to receive immediate notifications to apply as quickly as possible for the jobs that interest you. This reactivity could land you a job! Following the right companies on LinkedIn will also allow you to learn more about your employees and the company’s news, it’s a great source of knowledge to make you stand out from other candidates!


Especially on LinkedIn, the platform works by networking. The idea is to connect with like-minded people with similar interests. Pharmaceutical industry employees have a strong presence on LinkedIn, there are many well-known researchers and clinicians that you could get in touch with to follow their news and share about their experience. The aim is to network. There are also specific groups for professionals in the sector, for example, Professionals in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry, or FiercePharma: A Network of Pharmaceutical Professionals. These groups are particularly useful for keeping up to date with industry news and for networking with people you might not otherwise meet. To find out what’s happening in the pharmaceutical industry, joining online groups is a great source of information and you may also be able to find out if there are any vacant positions in the market.


There is no point in joining a group if you are not involved and inactive on the network. These groups are a source of pharmaceutical know-how, so get involved: don’t be afraid to participate in conversations, whether it’s to ask for advice or clarification on issues or to express your own opinions. This will not only help you learn more about the sector as a whole, but also raise your profile within the group and potentially open doors to professionals whose company may have a vacancy.

You should know that 70% of recruiters say they have successfully hired through social media ! This highlights the importance of social networks in finding a job, and thus in the pharmaceutical field.  So if you want to increase your chances of finding the right job in pharmaceuticals, you have to rely on social networks ! 💪

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