Recruiting trends in 2021

Recruiting trends in 2021

Are you wondering about the impact of Covid-19 on the Future of Work? Mostly positive we believe

A number of changes are going to happen in the recruiting World in 2021, but are they going to be all that bad? I don’t think so.

It is certain that recruiting in 2021 will be very different than what we have experienced before. Between the Covid-19 pandemic and the highlights of racial injustice, changes that were going to take years have now been in play and will be building a new workforce model in a matter of months. Virtually recruiting remote workers has now been set in motion and will be the new norm for a majority of the workforce. A higher focus is being set up on Employer Branding, Internal mobility or new training programs, and Technology has finally entered the core of a slow evolving Human Resources industry. Diversity is finally being strongly accelerated as part of the recruiting process and will have the place it always deserved by ensuring accountability from everyone involved.

Here are some of the major changes we will see, based on our market assessment and client discussions:

  1. Quality of recruiting is going to increase, from candidate experience to a better selection process
  2. Diversity is going to be at the center of recruiting
  3. Virtual recruiting will continue and increase, as companies have gotten used to recruiting remotely
  4. Employer Branding will become a core focus as companies will aim to leverage diversity actions, as well as attracting the most suitable candidates
  5. Recruiters will need to increase their quality and expertise as recruitment will be more demanding and expectations will be set to a new high
  6. Human Resources Technologies will now be at the core of the business, in order to be the most efficient in Talent Acquisition and Talent Management.

1) Quality of Recruiting

Expectations will increase on every level and the quality of the candidates will be key to a company’s ability to grow and perform.

Quality will be at the core of recruiting, from ensuring a great candidate experience to attracting the right people with the most suitable skills.

It will become more challenging for candidates as they will need to focus on performing well at interviews, presenting themselves in the best light.

Assessment will come more into play as companies will try to attract the right culture and values in the Talent, they want to hire

2) Diversity at the center

2020 was a turning point for diversity in the workplace, as news broadcasters outlined the lack of balance and people took the streets to claim their place and show their views in our society today.

Ensuring fair selection and fair interviewing takes place, is top of the list in the many goals for companies to achieve in 2021.

Pressure is going to be on for Managers and Recruiters to integrate a very open-minded approach to make sure they select and hire with a strong diversity mind frame.

The ability for recruiters to source from a diverse pool is going to be crucial.

3) Virtual Recruiting

Remote working has shown everyone it was possible to rethink the way we work today. 2020 has led the change in managing remote worker and therefore remote recruiting.

For many years, large companies have used remote recruiting tools, but not for the full part of the hiring process. 2020 has been different and everyone has experienced one way or another remote recruiting.

Virtual recruiting will now be part of everyone process as this gives us access to any location, any time of day, and really any talent. Even the non-believers have probably been involved in video interviewing, so all of the Video interviewing companies have managed to get new clients and get built into the recruiting process fully.

4) Employer Branding

Many companies had started marketing their employer brands, but did not expect to have to switch from marketing their amazing offices, perks and benefits, to suddenly having to focus heavily on culture, values, training, or career progression.

Employer branding is now a must in order to attract that quality candidate that will want to work for you and not one of your competitors.

This has become a full part of employee engagement and will now be a key success factor for companies who master their branding.

5) Qualified Recruitment Partners

There are many recruiters in the world, but there are many that do not know well how to recruit or that don’t have the industry expertise needed. Those have been fine till now, as a candidate driven market lowers the quality of the candidates required and reduces the quality of the recruitment process followed.

As the market gets tighter and requires more quality from their partners to identify the right talent, a lot of recruiters may be left behind.

The service quality is going to be crucial and recruiters and agencies who have great ideas, great resources and the most knowledgeable industry expertise will prevail, while others may fail to keep up with the challenges of the market.

Recruiters will also need to be strong with technologies, but also be sales people and marketeers as the battle for the best Talent will be challenging.

Expectations are going to be high, and so they should be!

6) HR Technologies

For many years, Technologies were not a strong point for recruiters, but after a build up in the past few years, it has become apparent in 2020 that technologies should be at the core of recruiting.

From talent analytics to AI sourcing, Video interviewing or employee engagement platforms, technology solutions in Human Resources are now a must to ensure companies have putting all of the tools on their side, so they can hire the best talent, keep them and ensure their growth.

Amazing tools are now available and it will be obvious in the next couple of years that companies winning the Talent war, are the ones using the right technologies and tools.

At Talented International, we have built our business on quality, expertise and technologies.


Using the most advanced tools to source and engage with our candidates, we ensure our time is spent on building relationships. We identify the right talent for our clients to support their expansion and advise them on market conditions as well as talent engagement needs so they can keep talent at the core of their business.

We operate in several local markets, especially in France, Germany, Spain and Ireland. We also help our clients in the Benelux region, the UK and the United States. Our focus is to ensure we identify the right profile for our clients to expand their business having the most suitable Talent on board.

We work mostly on specific roles, where Talent is usually hard to find.
We use various HR Technologies to support our process and always aim to improve they way we operate and the efficiency of the technologies we use.

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