What is hidden behind the words “Soft Skills”?

What is hidden behind the words “Soft Skills”?

Anaëlle Guyomard

Talented International

You may have heard of the famous “soft skills“, but what are they?



Soft skills are defined as a person’s personality, communication, and interpersonal skills. They include personality traits, behaviours and social skills that help people work effectively with others, solve problems and deal with difficult situations.  Soft skills can be communication, empathy, creativity, stress management, motivation, or emotional intelligence; the ability to perceive, control and express emotions in others and oneself.


These skills are not only acquired through education, but also through extra-occupational activities or sports. Nowadays, soft skills are in high demand in the world of work, but why?


Recruiters are no longer just looking for people with hard skills, also known as technical skills, they want both. People who combine technical skills with a personality that can bring real added value to the company.



Here are some examples of soft skills:


  • Communication: Soft skills help individuals to communicate effectively with colleagues, clients, and business partners. People with good communication skills are able to express their ideas clearly, ask relevant questions and resolve conflicts constructively.
  • Collaboration: Individuals with good collaboration skills are able to work with others, share ideas and work towards common goals.
  • Problem solving: Solve problems creatively and effectively. People with good problem-solving skills are able to analyse problems, find workable solutions and implement action plans to solve problems.
  • Leadership skills: People with good leadership skills are able to inspire others, make difficult decisions and lead teams to success.
  • Adaptability: Enabling individuals to adapt to change. People with good adaptive skills are able to adapt to new situations, new environments and new tasks.



In short, soft skills are essential for success in the workplace because they enable individuals to communicate effectively, collaborate with others, solve problems, make decisions, and adapt to change. Employers increasingly value these skills in job applicants as they are essential for long-term productivity and success. So, if you have one of those soft skills, don’t hesitate to bring them forward.

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