Why Students Should Be on LinkedIn.

Why Students Should Be on LinkedIn.

Mila Haase

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As one of the biggest platforms when it comes to job search, LinkedIn offers their users many opportunities to find job positions, connect with important people and businesses and push their career. LinkedIn is like a big room of people who want to start their career, build up their business or their professional relationships. It is both, a social media network and a job board.


Users can upload their CV in their profile. They can also add their experiences, interests, or career goals. They can constantly update their profile, so potential employees, headhunters, or other professional contact directly know what kind of person you are and whether you might fit in their company or one of their open positions.


As a student you may think now that you have not that much of experience and also you CV might be not so well filled as someone who has been in the professional world for a long time. You may think that companies or headhunters won´t notice you or you may not be interesting enough for them because you are still in your studies.


But hear me out: Also, students should be on LinkedIn and start networking.


Here is why:



  1. Build a strong network of professional contacts.


The right persons will notice you and for the future it is always good to have some professional contacts in your network. Start following your fellow students, your professors, your friends. Join groups and start follow companies that you share an interest in. The bigger your network, the more chance you have of being referred to a job role.



  1. Job alert.


Especially as a student it might be very tough to make your first step into the world of working. The job search can turn out to be a real challenge. LinkedIn offers the opportunity to send you job alerts for certain companies, industries, or specific job titles. You will never miss out on a great job opportunity again. And even better, you may be also the first one applying to that job position!



  1. Let companies find you.


In times of social media, it happens often that also companies try to get a first impression of you due to your social media accounts. By having a LinkedIn Profile, they can see your professional side. And you decide what information you want to add to your profile, so that you decide what the company gets to see from you.



  1. LinkedIn as research tool.


Before every interview, you should do some preparation. Do your research. Therefore, you can, of course, use Google or LinkedIn. Not only users can have a LinkedIn account. Also, many companies have a profile to publish their latest news, events, or information about the company. So, search for the managers, executives, their corporate culture, its history, etc.



  1. Prove your motivation.


Having a LinkedIn account proves that you are dedicated. That you are ready to pursue your career. That you have goals you want to achieve. You prove that you are putting in the time and effort required to succeed. That always leaves a good impression.


Ella Patenall, Five Reasons Why Every Student Should Be on LinkedIn, 27.10.2022



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