Future Working Trends

Future Working Trends

Mila Haase

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Home-Office, remote / hybrid work, online meeting … terms that – especially due to the pandemic – everybody knows and has had experiences with.


Due to the pandemic and digitization a change in our everyday life and work is inevitable. Especially in times of Covid-19 our working live has changed a lot. From working in an office to Home-Office, from face-to-face to online meetings, from working at the workplace five times a week to remote or hybrid working.


Now that Covid-19 is all but over, it can be seen that not many efforts are being made to return to our former working lives. We have learned from this and found new ways to create a new workspace online.

Let’s check out the Top 6 new trends:

1. Hybrid work is mainstream.

Due to Covid-19, most workers had to stay at home due to health reasons. After the end of Covid-19, many workers want to work in a hybrid work environment and if their employer would not offer them the opportunity to work more flexible, they are more likely to quit. It is up to the companies to create a human-centred model for the hybrid work environment. This is about employee-driven flexibility, cultural diversity, and human leadership.




2. Gen-Z wants in-person work experiences.

Although there is a trend towards hybrid work, it is important to remember all the benefits of working with colleagues in the office. Remote work is a great way to maintain relations while having a flexible schedule. Especially for entry-level hires this is a need that will impact decisions surrounding redesigned office spaces, in-office onboarding support and development opportunities.




3. Work-life-balance.

With the concept of 9 – to – 5 jobs, a work-life-balance is difficult for most people. Free time, flexibility and well – being are more important than ever. Not only for workers, but also for companies. 43% would decline a higher salary to have more time for themselves and their friends, family, or hobbies. Many companies have already recognised this trend and are taking more responsibility for helping their employees maintain their health or financial well-being.




4. Working four days.

This trend is much discussed in many companies and countries. For workers, of course, it sounds great. One day less of work and one day more for their own life and hobbies. A working week with only four days instead of five could increase workers´ productivity, motivation, and health. The desire for work-life-balance and more flexibility would be fulfilled, and the employer branding of the company would also increase greatly. For many companies, however, fewer working hours also mean a cut in their employees´ salaries. In addition, many companies have international clients and need to be available for them on Fridays as well. If you remove Friday as a working day, your competitors will eat you. And even as a start-up, your company cannot afford to cut a day from the working week, because especially in the beginning it is important to use every second to work on your own performance and build up a successful business.




5. AI-augmented workplace.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, there is a great opportunity to speed up processes. Thanks to AI and automation, industry can create new jobs where AI will be used to automates repetitive elements. This allows workers to focus on areas that require a more human touch.




6. More focus on skills than roles.

Focusing on employees training and career development can help close skills gaps. By solving problems and answering core business questions, your company can drive innovation and success in the era of digitization. For companies that have incorporated skills development into their approach, it can be helpful to identify the most urgent business needs. The right competencies are critical to overcome core business challenges.


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