Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Mila Haase

Talented International

Talented International is 4 years old today and we are very proud!


Founded by Diana Haltermann and John Murat in 2018, our innovative recruitment company has already had some great successes.


But let’s start where it all began….


It all started with the idea of two dedicated, fun, and creative people who worked together and became friends, so they put their extensive experience in international recruitment in action to create Talented. They wanted to create “the Google for recruitment” partner to assist international employers, using the latest HR technologies on the market”. A recruitment company that is innovative, international, and reliable focusing on building relationships.

By combining human expertise and artificial intelligence, Talented International is able to speed up the recruitment process to identify and select the most suitable candidate for each employer.


Just one year after Talented International opened, the pandemic paralysed the whole world and people were not allowed to go to work. Many companies struggled and had to close. The industry had to find new ways to work from home and keep their business alive.
Talented International was only a year old. A young team that had already faced the difficulties of a start-up, such as attracting new clients, positioning themselves on the market and building a competitive business, now had to deal with uncertainty, hiring freezes, loss of staff and clients, as many companies decided to stop hiring for some time.


But now Talented International has turned 4 years old and has been able to overcome Covid and the challenges that came with it.


In the meantime, Talented International is growing strongly. We are a multilingual team from several different countries – Spain, Germany, France, and Italy – with dynamic, dedicated recruiters, business developers and marketing experts.

We have streamlined our recruitment processes and work with some great, successful, and innovative companies in tech, pharma, engineering and finance. We have helped some of our clients open new offices and expand across Europe, and helped them fill a variety of positions from Sales & Marketing to IT & Engineering. We have a strong ability to recruit the most suitable & qualitative candidates for our clients, from entry level to senior management.


We have recognised the importance of relationships. Our focus is on client retention and maintaining our relationships with companies to ensure delivery and results, but also nurturing relationships with our candidates to find them the best opportunity.


Talented International never stops learning and is always looking for new innovative technologies to deliver better solutions to both clients and candidates.

For 2023, Talented International has big plans, according to Diana. “We want to open several offices to better serve our clients locally. Not only in Europe, but also in the US.”


Let’s see where Talented’s journey takes us….


Happy Birthday!



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Talented International – Artificial Intelligence Recruiting

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