How important is a balanced working atmosphere?

How important is a balanced working atmosphere?

Mila Haase

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You may have read the last article about the early indications of a toxic environment. If not, you can check it out on our Blog!

Now I want to show you how important a balanced working atmosphere is for the success of your company.



For most employees, the workforce is like a second home, as they spend most of their day in the office. Therefore, it is important to create a safe, harmonious, and balanced workplace. Your employees should look forward to coming into the office every day. Five days a week for eight hours and that for many years.


Companies need to create a space where their employees can develop, be themselves and build a great team where everyone can share their opinions and ideas on different topics without being judged. Happy employees increase productivity and thus the growth of your company.


But the success of the company is not the only great result of employee satisfaction. The health of your staff is also massively influenced by a good working climate. Those who work in a balanced working atmosphere are less likely to be ill or get into arguments with their colleagues, which can influence the psyche, according to a study by the University of California. For companies, this means less sick certificate or conflicts, more productivity, and a better employer branding as well.


To ensure a balanced working atmosphere, you as a supervisor need to give constructive feedback to your employees. However, you also need to be aware that your employees may be dissatisfied with current situations. It is important to be open to feedback about yourself or your projects as well. Open, honest, and respectful communication is the key to good teamwork.


In addition, your staff should be able to work in a self-determined way. This means that you should not always control your staff but let them do what they do best. There is a reason why you hired them. Have confidence in your employees! You will see, they will be more motivated. Giving your employees the opportunity to train can have a big impact on their satisfaction and motivation.


Finally, you can show that you care about the well-being of your employees with small gestures. Buy some drinks or snacks for everyone. Always remember that you wouldn’t be half of where you are now without your employees. Show them respect and appreciate the work they do for you and the success of your company.


This way you will create a balanced working atmosphere and a workforce where everyone feels comfortable and is treated with respect. You will see that a positive light will fall on you and your company, which will bring many other positive side effects.

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