How L’Oréal renews recruitment?

How L’Oréal renews recruitment?

Recruitment is always evolving and this is how one of the leader in the cosmetic industry renews its recruitment process. 

Using AI and bots

Seedlink is an AI software used by the brand. Thanks to this software L’Oréal has hired candidates that they never thought of. Also the use of the AI helps the HR to save more than 200 hours of hiring process.

L’oréal also acquired a chatbot called Mya to help job seekers applying to the company. Mya works with AI and asks open questions to the candidates and then evaluates their potential. By this innovative process of only 4 to 5 minutes it saved an enormous amount of time for the recruiters.

New recruitment process

L’Oréal hopes to revolutionize the recruitment process by allowing emojis applications. L’Oréal wants to connect with the Millenials for whom emojis are a second language. The group goes even further on its strategy. The brand wants to create a new recruiting platform for mobile only and limits the characters up to 140. This is a new era for the group that has trained their recruiters in emojis language and snapchat job offers.



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