How to attract German speakers?

How to attract German speakers?

Here are few tips from us!

The difficulties in being able to attract German speakers will be all too familiar for recruiters across Europe. Whilst they are usually more than willing to travel, this does not always extend to relocating for work.

With the low unemployment rate and a huge volume of opportunities in Germany, it is not hard to see why Germans are not so forthcoming in their willingness to relocate.

Here are few advices to increase your results:

Follow User Habits:


When trying to attract German speakers, it is essential to understand and follow the different habits of jobs seekers for each country.

The German stereotype of always being early is not false – they are really early birds when it comes to job searching, starting to look for jobs earlier in the day than any other European country.

Therefore, to improve the visibility of an offer for German speakers, it would be important to consider posting at the start of the week earlier in the morning to reach more German users.

On the Europe Language Jobs website, the most recent job post appears at the top of the page, giving an offer more visibility – an important feature to take advantage of.


Explain more about the cost of living:


Including information surrounding this can help to better inform candidates about the country and the general costs of living, such as accommodation, food etc. Details like this are a significant part of a person’s decision-making when deciding on places to relocate to.


Emphasize the location:


Being able to work in a great location can be a deciding factor between German speakers applying or just scrolling past a job offer. For example, including details about your location, such as sunny weather and great beaches, can be very attractive for German speakers. It is therefore essential to include them in the description and title of the offer.


Describe the benefits that you offer:


A good benefits package is very important when trying to attract those hard-to-find candidates, including things like company discounts, holidays, team activities in your description are key in attracting more candidates.


Include details about relocation support:


Moving abroad to work can be extremely daunting for anyone, not only German speakers. If you offer any kind of support in their relocation process, such as accommodation for example, it is vital to include this in your description as it will make your offer realty stand out.


Mention health Insurance if you offer it:


If your company offers health insurance as part of the offer, then it is also essential to include this. Whilst Germans’ healthcare costs are covered by Social Security, it’s still useful to mention it.

At Talented International we take care of all the important details to make sure you find the right candidate for the right offer!

By choosing our timing wisely when posting job offers


As mentioned before, Germans are early birds when it comes to job searching, they like to search at the beginning of the week, early in the morning.


By investing in visibility features


Sometimes even after following candidate trends and writing a great offer it can still be hard to attract native speakers, particularly when your competition is active. At Talented International, we have developed exclusive visibility features to help you find those hard-to-find candidates.

We offer different levels of promotion depending on your requirements, with some options appearing within the top of the main jobs list, targeted jobs list, or both.

Our Refresh option is another form of visibility – it automatically refreshes your offer back to the top of the list every seven days.

We’re using the most advanced AI technologies to communicate, market the offer and find the candidates, even if they not currently looking for opportunities.

We are Social media professionals and we developed a great pool of candidates using the right communication on these tools.

In addition, we also offer a dedicated blog post – we can prepare an article on suggested themes with links to your website and offers.


By improving your Job description


A tempting description is always essential when writing a good job offer to attract native speakers. Short, ambiguous and often incomplete descriptions are a big put off for prospective applicants and will see poor quality results. It is therefore important to include a well-written description

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