How to become more sustainable?

How to become more sustainable?

Mila Haase

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Companies that want to remain competitive need to be aware of the today´s desires and norms in today’s society.


It is no longer enough to just say you are sustainable. People want to actions. Deeds that show a company´s effort and willingness to become truly sustainable in order to protect our planet and make it a better place!



But what sounds simple at first can be a big challenge in retrospect.



What do companies need to consider when launching their “Going Green” strategy?


Being a sustainable company means not only considering profits, but also the impact on society and the environment. A company that goes “greener” earns profits by being socially responsible and protecting the planet´s resources.



Organizational Leadership training


Any change in a company requires the right skills to make effective decisions. Business Owner and Organizational Leaders are able to make strategic sustainability decisions and have the in-depth knowledge needed to identify the most effective strategy and initiatives. Furthermore, they have the power to change policy and drive innovation.



Gaining insights


Business Administrators, Manager, and Supervisors have a unique insight into the operations of a company. Therefore, they can provide valuable insights that are important for solving complex problems and finding creative sustainability solutions or strategies. Furthermore, they know the day-to-day operations of a business better than anyone else and therefore have a different perspective and understanding of how to improve sustainability.



Human Resource Practices


Human Resource departments can play an essential role in building and maintaining a sustainable business. In developing, designing, and implementing them, HR can help embed these policies into the corporate culture. They can help employees and new applicants feel valued, comfortable and appreciated.



Encouraging employees


Employees are the basis of every company. Without them, a company would not run well. They work directly with the product the service a company offers. Therefore, they know exactly what could or needs to be improved. They can also provide valuable contributions and encouraging your employees to speak up and to share their thoughts about the business issues and how they think it can become more sustainable can be a real game changer. Not only does this contribute to sustainability and profitability, but also improves employee retention, productivity, and motivation, leading to greater engagement overall.




Moving towards a greener future as a business may sound easy, but do not underestimate the demands and responsibilities involved. You need a strategy and a lot of groundwork. The most important thing to always remember is that change takes time and trust. Everyone in the company should be informed about the change beforehand, not matter how much someone is affected by the change. Talk to your employees and colleagues. Be open about the strategy for the future and show commitment.


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