How to create the ideal CV for recruiters?

How to create the ideal CV for recruiters?

Mila Haase

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Recruiters help applicants find their dream job. Especially for popular jobs, recruiters usually receive several hundred applications. On the one hand, it is great for recruiters and their clients to see how many people would like to work for the company and the job, and as a recruiter you have more candidates to present to your clients. On the other hand, it is harder for candidates to stand out.  The CV is the first thing a recruiter looks at from an application because it reveals what skills the applicant brings to the table. This is your chance to shine as an applicant and convince the recruiter that you are the right candidate.



Here’s how:


Tip 1:

Every job requires different skills, and every company has a different culture. You may have a sample of your CV, but it is important that you always adapt it to the job offer. Not all the skills you have are always relevant to all jobs. Do some research and find out what you need to bring to the job. Which skills do you have that are useful and which can you leave unmentioned? Look in the job advertisement for relevant information.



Tip 2:

Stay clear! Too little text and information about yourself looks unprofessional and not motivating enough. Too much text is confusing, and recruiters are more likely to put your CV away than read through it. Keep it short, i.e. no more than 2 pages, and for positions you worked in more than 10 years ago, you only need 5 bullet points. List your professional stations. Formulate them clearly and precisely and explain briefly how they have shaped your skills that are useful to the company. Even if you have studied, there is always a German and an English version of the study title. If you are applying for a job in an internationally represented company, use the English designation of your studies.



Tip 3:

Are there gaps in your CV? No problem! Just be honest. Mention them and explain why there is this gap and what you did during this time. The modern CV contains orientation phases, ties, etc. for self-realisation. This does not have to be a disadvantage. Just stand behind your decisions.



Tip 4:

Especially the applicant’s last professional position is very important and interesting for recruiters. Make it clear how you qualified for the current position. Mention your experience or the period of time you have worked in such a position. You have just finished your studies and do not have much experience yet? No problem! Mention internships, part-time jobs or your hobbies that have something to do with the job.



Tip 5:

There should also be a common thread in your CV. What job did you choose and how did you prepare for it? Is there any progression? Have you changed professions in the course of your career? Recruiters try to find out why applicants apply for a job. What are the intentions? With a structured and focused resume, recruiters can determine your career goals and whether you are a good fit for the client.



Tip 6:

Another very important and crucial point for recruiters is the way applicants present themselves online. Do they have a lot of private photos? Is there content on their social media that reflects badly on them? What kind of posts does the candidate publish?  Does the candidate have any social media at all? Before you post anything, think professionally about the consequences. Would it be a problem if your (new) boss sees the post? If so, don’t post it or set your account to private. Maintain a serious impression.



Tip 7:

The last point is so simple and yet often ignored. Recruiters and even the companies themselves pay attention to spelling mistakes. This is a no-go! Even though there is often the option of applying via the internet, formal and grammatically correct language is a prerequisite. Applicants who have a lot of mistakes in every paragraph will also not be invited for an interview.




Be professional, honest, formal, and clear about your goals and skills so that recruiters take notice of your CV and potential.


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