How to ensure cultural diversity?

How to ensure cultural diversity?

Mila Haase

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Many companies have already jumped on the cultural diversity bandwagon because they have recognized the relevance of and need for this topic. Cultural diversity is the first step toward remaining competitive and optimizing employer branding.


But what means cultural diversity?


Cultural diversity describes a group of people from different cultures or societies. It is a key element for workplace engagement and productivity and for increasing profits. For a workplace, this means taking the right steps to integrate your employees of different genders, ethnicities, ages and physical limitations.  It is the result of employee practices, values, traditions or beliefs.


With such a diverse workforce, your company can not only ensure its corporate culture and employer branding, but also increase its employees’ tolerance for other cultures and ethnicities. Another important factor that comes with cultural diversity in the workplace is more varied and exciting work for everyone.


Now you know why you should have cultural diversity as an employer. But how to ensure it?



Hire people from different cultures.

First, you need to hire employees from different races, ethnicities, cultures, and age groups. To attract people from different cultures, highlight diversity on your website and especially on your careers page, and make reference to it in every job description that is offered. Don’t forget your social media presence. Social media is more important than ever. It’s also a great way for companies to reach their audience and perhaps attract new applicants for open positions. Use social media to promote your employer branding and cultural diversity efforts.



Diverse Mentorship.

You can also offer diverse mentorship helping foster diversity and create closer employee relationships.



Respect and Tolerance.

Ensure an open work atmosphere where everyone is treated equally and given the same opportunities and educational and career opportunities. Respect and tolerance are key to a balanced work environment and good results.



Experience days.

You are a company that has made the move away from a homogeneous workforce to a diverse employer. That’s great. Why shouldn’t you celebrate that? Celebrate your employees’ differences and invite them to share their backgrounds and traditions. Believe me, there is so much to learn about each culture.  Always keep an open mind because sometimes new perspectives open up that can inspire you and lead to great results.



Feedback of team members.

Frequent feedback from your employees ensures motivation and satisfaction. You can always improve your concepts, business strategies and employer branding, but to do so, you need to listen to your employees. Respect their opinion and take their criticism seriously!



Establishment of a diversity committee.

By establishing a diversity committee, employee ideas can be discussed, and efforts can be made to make the work environment more inclusive. Great side effects of establishing such a committee are that connections can be made, and effective networks can be formed with employees with whom one may not interact as often.


Now you can start your journey as a culturally diverse driven company. You won´t regret it!

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