How to negotiate your salary effectively?

How to negotiate your salary effectively?

Mila Haase

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At some point in their career, everyone reaches the point where they want a change because of their career level or experience. To cut a long story short, you want a higher salary.


Sounds easy in your head, right? But what do you really need to consider before you start negotiating?



Here are 5 Tips that help you to negotiate effectively.


1 What can you offer?


Before you think about negotiating a higher salary, think about the value you can offer.

Do I have a lot of experiences in that sector/business? Do I have any leadership experience that the employer prefers or requires? What is my educational or career level? Where am I located in relation to the cost of living?



2 What is the average?


Before every negotiation you should do some research on the company or the business sector and your position in detail. Find out the average salary for the job in question. You should also know the average cost of living in your location and surrounding cities. Compare the salary of your job with that of other companies offering the same job. This will give you a better sense of what you can negotiate and how to set your range.



3 Why do you think you deserve a higher salary?


Preparation is the key! It is very likely that you will be asked such questions. So, prepare your arguments. Tell them about your experience, your career status, and your ambitions. You are asking your company for something, so you need to give something back. Furthermore, you should define your range of salary and your interest.



4 Be clever!


One of the most important rules in any negotiation when it comes to your salary: ALWAYS give a higher number than your target first. This way you can negotiate up to your comfort zone and a salary that you feel is fair. If you give a salary range, it is more likely that the employer will choose the lower end, so make sure that the lowest figure you give is still acceptable to you.



5 Be flexible!


It may happen that your employer is currently unable to pay you the salary you want. In this case, you should negotiate other forms of compensation, such as extra days off, starting bonuses or extra days when you can work from home.


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