How to recruit in Germany?

How to recruit in Germany?

The german market is particularly complex, so finding candidates can be really difficult. See our advice to recruit in Germany. 

The German market is very complex. The aging population in the country has consequences for a shortage in qualified employees. Nevertheless, the economy is still growing and Germany needs qualified employees. But how to find them in this particular context?

The job websites
The first step in the recruitment process is to check the recruitment websites. In Germany the top websites are Xing, Stepstone, Monster, Arbeitsagentur.
Those websites are mainly locals and they can attract more german speaking people. However, if it is not enough, maybe you should try social recruiting.

The social recruiting
Using social media is becoming the norm for recruiting. There are so many candidates that are not actively searching for a job on the recruitment platforms. This can represent a significant talent pool. If you want to know more about the passive candidates and how to reach them here is the article about it.
By promoting your brand and your brand’s value you will attract the candidates that are interested in your company and are adhering to you.

The recruiting agencies
Recruiting agencies are a good option if you want candidates fast. Moreover, with the progress of Artificial Intelligence in the recruiting field it is easier to find candidates and it takes less time than before. To optimize your chances to find the perfect candidate choose an agency that specializes in the German market and that privileges the quality over the quantity.

Now with all these tips you can find the right german for the job! 



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