International Women’s Day: Talented Women’s tales

International Women’s Day: Talented Women’s tales

Anaëlle Guyomard

Talented International

International Women’s Day: Talented Women’s tales



Today is a very special day. Indeed, more than an average Wednesday, this 8th of March is International Women’s Day! This day is an opportunity to highlight the progress made in the fight for gender equality, but also to remember the challenges and inequalities that persist around the world. It is an opportunity to pay tribute to women who have fought for equality and women’s rights, and to continue to mobilize to ensure gender equality.


This is the perfect occasion for us to highlight the women of Talented International, and for you to learn more about them and their background!



  • Diana first studied biology but decided to continue with English literature. Doing so allowed her to learn a lot about other culture and broaden her horizons, which became a real asset for her today! Diana has many strings to her bow: she was a head-hunter, a real estate agent and a recruiter for Facebook … before founding her own company, Talented International, with John in 2018!


  • Laura is our Italian recruiter, but art always remained close to her heart! Laura went to art school in London and then decided to study architecture. She became an architect in Hamburg before moving to Barcelona! Today, Laura works as a recruiter for Talented International all while owning her own art gallery in Barcelona and won the award for the 2022 most Talented recruiter !


  • Claire is the travel-loving girl in the office! She has a master’s degree in management with a specialisation in human resources, and many various work experiences abroad that she accumulated through her many trips! She joined the company in September 2022 after deciding to move to Barcelona to become a recruiter and to improve her Spanish!


  • Anne-Sophie is the newest addition to the team, she joined the company this week! Her professional background includes working in sales, recruitment, obtaining her pastry diploma and also management! Like Claire, Anne-Sophie is also a great traveller!



For International Women’s Day we have decided to reunite our amazing recruiters to ask them about their professional life, the choices they made during their career and pieces of advice they could give to inspire you!



As a woman, what is the biggest obstacle your faced in your work life ?




One of the biggest difficulties I have encountered in my work life has been to find the balance between professional and personal life. I have two amazing children and it’s true that it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with work while taking care of your family. Life is all about having to make choices and concessions! And so I decided to set up my own company, Talented International, to create my own balance! Nothing is impossible if you believe in what you are doing!



To be taken seriously. As woman we always have to prove 5 times more than what our men colleagues do. There is always some cliché about us, the classical cliché about women as not enough business oriented, or not tough enough, or too soft, or too this or too that… Society tells us how WE are more than letting US speak our voice out loud and actually listen to it.


Nowadays finally in Spain there is a lot of movement for women empowerment, but still lot to do and to fight for, and I feel is the right moment to help other women that are less lucky. There is the urgent need that women support other women, instead of creating friction through envy or bad competition etc. we should all work in partnership, as a family.



Personally, I don’t feel like I have ever encountered any issues in my work because I was a woman, and I am grateful for that. When you have to really concentrated to find what bad things happened to you, it’s usually a good sign, right?



The biggest difficulty I faced in my work was to make my voice heard. I know it can sound cliché but sometimes, I really felt like I had to really impose myself to make my ideas heard compared to my male colleagues. And even though it doesn’t seem like much, it can be really tiring.



Any advice you would give to your “younger self”?




If I were to say something to the younger Diana it would be don’t be naive, don’t wait for opportunities but find and create your own. I really do believe it’s better to regret something you have done rather than regretting something you should have done. Believe in your judgement and do want you feel is right.



I would tell that young Laura “You are perfect exactly how you are, no worries about what others say, don’t pay it too much attention, everything will work out at some point, and I am here to help you through it”.



The best advice I could give her would be to not put limits on herself and to always follow her dreams! If you don’t put yourself limits, you can reach whatever you are dreaming of. And of course, don’t let the others limit you either, it’s about you, it’s YOUR life, live it!



If I had to give myself one piece of advice, it would be “KEEP GOING”, persevere and believe in yourself! This is the most important for me.


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