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Looking for international talents to boost your company, whether it's a well-established multinational or an ambitious startup ?

Want to collaborate with a team that truly understands your needs and aspirations ? That's where we come in. Talented International is more than just a recruitment agency.

We are your trusted partners in the search for exceptional talents that will take your business to new heights. Our expert recruitment consultants are committed to taking a personalized approach, integrating with your team, and finding the rare gems that will make all the difference.

  • 90% of the time, we guarantee exceptional results with a search completion rate.
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Choose Talented International for exceptional global recruitment. Thanks to our expertise in artificial intelligence, we ensure rapid and accurate selection of the best talent, perfectly suited to your needs. Our approach combines people and technology, guaranteeing superior service and maximum customer satisfaction. Entrust us with your talent search and propel your company towards global success.







At Talented International, our commitment to quality, speed, adaptability and efficiency is unwavering. We quickly understand our clients' specific needs and send relevant profiles in record time. Our adaptability enables us to conduct confidential searches and respond to specific contexts with agility.


With a 90% search completion rate, we guarantee exceptional results every time.

Discover how our recruitment expertise can help you find the brightest talent in a variety of fields, strengthening your team and shaping the future of your business.

Structured selection process

We use AI, social networks, advertising and databases to reach talent on a global scale.

Quality selection

We carry out a meticulous selection of talent, followed by a thorough assessment to ensure a good fit.

Effective talent management

We hire and track candidates through automation. We manage interviews, support offers and check references.

Who we are ?

Your new innovative recruitment partner...

We facilitate the search for the best talent worldwide by combining human expertise with the automation of artificial intelligence.

This approach speeds up the recruitment process while enabling our experts to focus on customer needs, guaranteeing exceptional quality of service and strengthening customer relationships. Our priority is excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our services :

  • Sourcing strategy for all national and international platforms
  • International market mapping
  • Selection and in-depth evaluation of candidates (salary, visa, skills, etc.)
  • Detailed candidate interview and summary presentation
  • Management of interviews through to the offer process

Our customer testimonials :

Alexandra - HR manager: “Since we've been working with Talented, we've had the opportunity to get an excellent service, and we can count on them to help us find the best talent in this difficult market”.

Paul - CEO startup: “The Talented team is made up of excellent people, and we've relied on them to help us get started with the initial hires. They were incredible at finding us people quickly! We can always count on them and they have been much more than partners to us.”

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