A number of changes are going to happen in the recruiting World in 2021, but are they going to be all that bad? I don’t think so.

It is certain that recruiting in 2021 will be very different than what we have experienced before. Between the Covid-19 pandemic and the highlights of racial injustice, changes that were going to take years have now been in play and will be building a new workforce model in a matter of months. Virtually recruiting remote workers has now been set in motion and will be the new norm for a majority of the workforce. A higher focus is being set up on Employer Branding, Internal mobility or new training programs, and Technology has finally entered the core of a slow evolving Human Resources industry. Diversity is finally being strongly accelerated as part of the recruiting process and will have the place it always deserved by ensuring accountability from everyone involved.

In our guide, we will show you some of the major changes we will see, based on our market assessment and client discussions:

  • Quality of recruiting is going to increase, from candidate experience to a better selection process
  • Diversity is going to be at the center of recruiting
  • Virtual recruiting will continue and increase, as companies have gotten used to recruiting remotely
  • Employer Branding will become a core focus as companies will aim to leverage diversity actions, as well as attracting the most suitable candidates
  • Recruiters will need to increase their quality and expertise as recruitment will be more demanding and expectations will be set to a new high
  • Human Resources Technologies will now be at the core of the business, in order to be the most efficient in Talent Acquisition and Talent Management.


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