Metaverse and Recruitment

Metaverse and Recruitment

Metaverse, this mix of virtuality and reality is the future. 


Metaverse is a number of 3D shared digital spaces related to different experiences, more or less virtual. Thanks to the use of your avatar and your AR or VR headset you will have access to fully virtual, virtual reality, mixed reality or augmented reality World. Its development is however not fully completed yet, we are still in the conceptual stage, and that is why it is such an interesting side of the Tech industry. 


In fact Metaverse is impacting different industries such as Art, Gaming Healthcare, Fashion, Advertising and more specifically Tech. Huge tech companies such as Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Google and Meta are highly working on this new opportunity to widen their skills and businesses. Tech is already an increasing industry that is reaching a $5 trillion market value in 2022, and it won’t stop developing itself. Metaverse is an added value, it is seen as the future of the Internet and is all about interactivity. 


Your company should focus on the fact that Metaverse is opening up and has a promising future: its market size will be worth $680 billion by 2030. You can win a crucial place in this market. Welcoming great talents in your business right now is a good way to start.This parallel universe is creating new opportunities and new fields especially since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Investing in the development of Metaverse will only help you grow even more.We do know that the AR market will grow by a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 100% in the period of 2021-2025. This will have an impact on your working place but also on recruitment within your company: as an example, Facebook has announced hiring 10,000 people to build its team. 


Working with a virtual reality space is becoming more natural and commonly used by companies. This use can also help you maintain human contact: meeting people with metaverse is more interesting and comfortable than Zoom or phone calls. Recruitments are also less dehumanized: metaverse links both worlds in a really effective way and allow both sides of a meeting/interview to feel at ease. This new invention gives access to a whole other world and can be adapted in your own company’s environment. 

If you are a tech company, think about putting Metaverse in your values. It is the next big step in the industry. 

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