Modern interview techniques in 2023

We all know the classic recruitment interview: CV, questions and answers.

But more and more firms want to attract atypical profiles and to do so they have to change this old-fashioned recruitment method. Here are some new recruitment methods that are very innovative and that you should try to incorporate in your process.

Assessment based selection:

Soft skills: The psychological and psychotechnical tests, based on logic and emotional answers, reflect more the personality of a candidate rather than his hard skills. With the analysis of a psychologist those tests are considered as reliable.


In Technology: The hackathon style is used. The idea is to hack a code or a program for a developer in order to show their capacities for logic and challenges. The candidate is in competition with other candidates and the best of all has the chance at the job. Those can be challenging but when it comes to skills, you will get great results!

Situation based assessment:

The “serious game” is based on the escape game concept, which means that candidates have an enigma to solve and the recruiters can easily see the personality of each candidate. With the game, the candidates forget about the stress and are more natural. This particular interview technique is appreciated because it shows all the reactions of a candidate to a particular situation. The recruiter can get a great view of the capacities, the potential question marks, the failed areas and how the candidate reacts to situations.

Video is the new Face to Face:

The video interview has become more and more part of the process in the past 12 months and is here to stay to assist in the initial candidate selection. It is quite innovative because the candidate has to answer questions in a video in a certain amount of time and hence must be reactive. This method allows the recruiter to analyze the relevance of the answers but also the body language of a candidate such as the voice, the gesture and the behaviour of the candidate. Several AI driven platforms have given interviewers the ability to do great selection from it. But this technique is not always welcomed by the candidates who are not always at ease with speaking in front of a camera. 

Of course in addition to those, you always need to focus on the human selection factor, which gives great gut insights into the potential candidates, and a strong candidate experience. You should also use the traditional techniques.

We use a mix of strong human expertise with some of these tools and methods above, so if you want to know more about upgrading your recruitment selection game, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!



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