New Year, New Trends

New Year, New Trends

Mila Haase

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A year full of challenges, developments and events is drawing to a close. It has not been the easiest year for any of us. Neither for the people nor for the economy. Starting with Russia’s declaration of war on Ukraine and a resulting energy and economic crisis, the year ends with uncertainty and a shortage of skilled workers. Not an easy task for human resources managers.


Where do we go from here? What are the trends for recruitment in 2023?


The demand for diversity, equality, inclusion, and teleworking are trends that will not go away. Employers and recruiters have recognised this trend and are trying to adapt to it. They will have to do so next year as well. But beyond that, there are a few more trends to add.



#1 Retention first


It is not about hiring as many employees as possible. In 2023, the focus will be on quality rather than quantity. People will focus on good employees and promote them with attractive working conditions and a social environment. But just because companies should promote existing employees, job seekers should not think that they no longer have a chance. Power skills is the key word. HR managers are paying more and more attention to skills such as creativity, innovativeness, and adaptability, as well as communication skills.


For recruitment, this means that it has to get even better. The extent of a miscast would be even more fatal nowadays than in the past.



#2 Smart supporter


AI is a familiar term in times of digitalisation. Finding the perfect match who has all the power skills and is available for a company is not something a recruiter can do alone. That’s why digital support and analytics are needed. For recruiters and companies, it provides important insights. While machines take over the analyses and all background processes, recruiters can focus more on the interpersonal relationships, which machines are not able to do.



#3 Combating the shortage of skilled workers


Recruiters need to broaden their field of vision. To combat the shortage of skilled workers, recruiters must also look for potential candidates in other countries. Especially in times of teleworking, it is possible to recruit good candidates from abroad as well. Another solution would be to also look for older candidates in certain sectors or for lateral entrants.



#4 Social Media


It is no longer a secret that social media has taken over our exchanges with other people, or rather with the whole world.

Thanks to social media, we can communicate, connect, find out information about specific people and share content with each other.

In 2023, companies will also have to be more present on social media in order to remain competitive and to be able to strengthen their own employer brand.

This is also beneficial for recruitment, as applicants can get a better insight into the company culture and the way of working.



#5 Green Recruiting


It is about sustainability. Climate change can no longer be ignored and more and more people are demanding real action. Companies that do not change for the better and promote sustainable ways of working quickly come under criticism. To achieve this, companies in 2023 need to not only make fine words, but also put their words into action to become more sustainable. They also need to offer “green benefits” that help employees to become more sustainable and “greener” as well.


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