Reasons why you should develop your career in the pharmaceutical industry

Reasons why you should develop your career in the pharmaceutical industry


The pharmaceutical industry is a field of innovation and is well known for appreciating real talent. It is a knowledge-driven industry that requires a highly qualified workforce and directly employs over 4.4 million people worldwide, making it a major employer in the world. The market has experienced significant growth during the past two decades, and pharma revenues worldwide totaled 1.27 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020.

The sector itself is composed of various large units such as manufacturing, quality control and assurance, drug regulatory affairs, intellectual property rights, technology transfer, research and development, formulation and development, analytical laboratories, clinical research, pharmacovigilance, sales and marketing which represent as many positions that are available. The job opportunities in the pharma sector are countless, and you can find  your perfect role in any top company. At Talented International, we are experts in the pharmaceutical field and have strong connections with various pharmaceutical actors in order to find the best talent!


If you are looking for a meaningful job in the pharmaceutical sector, you may be interested in these jobs :

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives


-Manufacturing Chemist


-Pharmacy Assistant


-Quality Control Chemist


-Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry


-Research Analyst


However, the sector has been suffering from issues that will intensify in the coming years. These issues such as drug shortages, healthcare costs, aging populations, regulatory pressures, difficulties in accessing capital, and a shortage of qualified personnel complicate the market, but represent opportunities and a need for new qualified talent to deal with these issues !


Among these needs, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly investing in research and development, with a trend toward investment in collaborative research with universities. Furthermore, the COVID 19 health crisis has shown us the importance of medical research. As a result, R&D on the virus and other potential outbreaks is likely to increase, as well as the development of new and booster vaccines. In addition, pharmaceutical companies should remain flexible in their hiring strategies, adapting quickly to the changing global situation.


There is also an evolution toward increased use of high-tech solutions, including artificial intelligence (AI), additive manufacturing, blockchain and other Industry 4.0 technologies. Increasing financial investment, the development of technology start-ups and the expiration of several key patents, as well as growing interorganizational collaborations and a beneficial regulatory environment are driving innovation across pharmaceutical industry trends.Tomorrow’s jobs will therefore be oriented towards technology, data analysis and artificial intelligence !


With the development of high technology inevitably comes the development of cyber defense systems: as pharmaceutical companies accelerate the adoption of digital technologies and evolve their business models, the risk of cyberattack increases, so cybersecurity positions will be increasingly in demand.

No doubt, the pharmaceutical sector is a strategic and complex field, as it involves many different technologies. So you need to turn to a recruitment partner who knows the issues and the market to find the best talents. 💪

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