Survival guide for WFH parents

Survival guide for WFH parents

It’s been 7 weeks since we were instructed to WHF due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While it’s clear for all of us that social distancing is the best option to flatten the curve most of us PARENTS have been faced by, yet another little issue or issues called children.


On top of the uncertainty of the pandemic itself, the difficulties in the economy and business are facing and to add to this list of worries parents with children are now combining two of the more stressful things together: working whilst minding your children.


Having spoken to candidates, clients, and friends during the past few weeks the following question kept popping up: How do you work remotely – and effectively – when your house has also become a school or nursery.


Here are some of my advice as a professional minding a 2.5 years old daughter, owning a business and juggling with business as usual for the sake of the employees.

1) Have a designated work space

Clear a space in your house and make it the dedicated office/school work area, ideally somewhere you can shut the door and leave it at the end of the day to ensure you can still differentiate between a home that place you go for relaxation after a hard working day and the office where you are at your most efficient and productive.

2) Be efficient

If your sitting room has both become your new office and your children’s nursery, then you will have to develop a new set of skills and quickly!


Every working parent will have to find its own way: for some working early is more productive or using the time your children are napping to get some things done. Also, reschedule meetings accordingly and inform your co-workers about your set up and make sure you block time off your agenda. Put some structure and dress up for success!


As important is to communicate with your family i.e. a 2.5 years old girl and tell her that despite mummy playing with her more these days there will be times you need to “work” and you cannot be disturbed.

3) Create a routine and stick to it

Children of all ages need certain routines and timetables, as much as we can, we need to try to follow the nursery schedule and it has never been more important to create those schedules. For those who have children you know you cannot always plan and structure everything but as much as you and your partner’s schedule allows you must to split the household, ensure you are both equally minding the little ones and to have time together as a family. Make sure you are strict with the times but also allow some room for the “unexpected” kids popping into video meetings these days is a given.

4) Be creative

Be as creative as you can when it comes to distracting your children whilst you are working! Never in a million things did I think that a kitchen rolled with macaroni could turn into a musical instrument! 🙏 And of course thanks to AMAZON that keeps on delivering I have been able to produce Peppa Pig Sticker albums in the middle of client conferences and an array of new Princesses puzzles whilst attending a global seminar 😊 make sure you have the stuff to recognize your kids’ behaviour and that you stay positive and try not to lose it. On a more positive note the amount of cooing and “oohs and ahhs” my daughter has got the past few weeks is incredible and encouraging to know clients and co-workers a lot more flexible and understand the situation! Surely you will make an impact and that client will remember your daughter popping into the meeting for sure!

Nowadays with the help of technology (more than what I like ☹), there are tons of apps and games that are both entertaining and educational, with the support of your partner and co-workers, a little creativity and organization, and lots and lots and lots of patience, you’ll be able to cope. Remember we are all in this together! Focus on the positives spending more quality time with your beloved ones and like everything, this will also end!


Want more advice and tips about working from home? I will be happy to hear from you, contact me today!



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