The most promising jobs in the Green Energy Sector

The most promising jobs in the Green Energy Sector

Gabin Lefebvre

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The market of sustainable energies has expanded greatly over the past decades; with fossil fuels depleting slowly but surely and a new generation which bears the burden of climate change, it was inevitable. Governments subsidies from all around the world and private fundings in renewable energy are increasing more than ever before and with it, the number of position available in this field has gone up drastically, providing an abundance of lucrative careers. So, if you are considering a career change and are dreaming about a job that aligns with your beliefs, why not get into the renewable energy field?


The idea sounds appealing, but which jobs are really helping power the future of renewable energies? Well, let’s take a look at the most promising careers in the industry!





Knowing solar cells, wind turbines, hydroelectric dams, and all other systems capable of driving electricity from farms or dams are produced through some form of engineering, it is therefore not unreasonable to say that engineers are the backbone of the renewable energy sector. Whilst “engineering” technically regroups various fields and plenty of different know-how, electrical, mechanical, civil and of course, environmental engineers, are helping driving innovation in the clean energy sector. With continued construction of energy plants and farms planned for the future, Civil Engineering roles for green energy companies are expected to grow by 11% by 2026.



Wind Turbine Technician


Wind turbine technician is one of the fastest growing jobs in the renewable sector. Being a wind turbine technician involves maintaining wind turbines’ performance through testing and fault-finding, as well as being able to perform the necessary electrical and mechanical repairs. Thanks to the recent increase in the wind energy sector that continue to see new onshore and offshore farms being built, wind turbine engineers are now in high demand. And as we continue to shift away from fossil fuels, the demand for wind turbine technician is increasing monumentally. Leading to this position becoming a key role for the industry.



Construction Manager


On a daily basis, a construction managers’ responsibilities include planning the building process, managing and supervising their team, setting goals and respecting both budget and deadlines.  In short, their main task consists in managing all kind of risks related to the building process. As the demand for clean energy constantly increases, the renewable energy sector is pushing harder than ever to ramp up production. Of course, higher energy needs mean both greater investment into resources and construction of new energy plants. In the UK wind market alone, 135 new wind farms have been approved and are awaiting construction. Of course, these projects greatly impacted the employment for Construction Managers, which is now predicted to increase of 11.5% from 2020-2030!



Software Developer


Whilst the job of a software developer itself is not directly linked to power production, they do play a major role in the industry, transforming the way that energy is distributed. Software developers help finding ways to make energy more cost effective, which greatly helps accelerating the transition from our fossil fueled economy to a more responsible one.


It will come as no surprise that in today’s digital age and thanks to the industry of renewable energies, research in new technologies and software are booming, helping fuel the sector’s growth. Custom software can facilitate the optimization of the use of power generated through the effective use of data. It also became a key asset when it comes to monitoring the performance of the systems in place.


Renewable energies are helping us secure a brighter and safer future. Talents are budding everywhere, and the industry is more appealing now than ever. These new career paths which are being created are not only profitable but greatly rewarding. We sincerely hope this blog will inspire you to work toward a better future!



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