The perfect Elevator Pitch – Inspire in 60 seconds

The perfect Elevator Pitch – Inspire in 60 seconds

Mila Haase

Talented International

“Tell me something about you.” How to leave a lasting impression?

Imagine the following scenario: You are on your way to a job interview and meet your potential new boss in the elevator. They ask you who you are. What do you answer? You want to leave a positive image of yourself.

But how? Don´t panic – we got you!

Here are the most important tips you need to know for your perfect elevator pitch.

Let´s start with YOU

Who am I? What am I doing? What is my aim?


The perfect Elevator Pitch is structured from the beginning on. Tell them who you are.   What are you doing right now? Are you a student, manager, entrepreneur etc.? You can also mention your age and a characteristic that makes YOU unique. Tell them your personal goals you want to achieve and how you want to achieve them.


For example: Hello, my name is Mila and I am studying Digital Media & Marketing in Hamburg. I have always wanted to work and especially live in a different country all by myself. I want to challenge myself, be even more independent and learn. Moving to Barcelona and apply for that job is the first step.


Why are you here?


Our first 15 seconds are now filled with our introduction. Now you must deliver!

Tell them exactly why you are here but focus on the important facts. Remember, you only have 45 seconds left. You just want to provide clarity to your counterpart.


For example: In the 5th semester it is compulsory to do an internship or a semester abroad. I decided to apply as an intern for this job because your company offers me the chance to learn and develop myself even more. Digital Marketing is my passion, and you can never stop learning because there will always be new Trend in times of social media and always new technologies that help us to be even more effective in our process. At your company I can work at the pulse of time.


Why are you the perfect fit for them?

Always keep in mind that you are probably not the only candidate for this job and that there are many other qualified candidates as well. This is your time to shine!

Answer these questions and you will convince them that they really need you. What is the concrete added value YOU can deliver to this company? What can YOU do that no one else can? Why are YOU the solution they are searching for? Make yourself so attractive to them that they do not want to stop talking to you.


For example: Although I am still a student yet and have not that much of practical experience, I am motivated to work and show you what I can do. I am motivated to learn and motivated to create the future of Talented International as a team. I learn very fast and effective, and I have many ideas for a new marketing strategy I want to present to you. Let´s waste no time!


Jochen Mai, Elevator Pitch: In 60 Sekunden begeistern

Christina Holl, So punkten Sie mit der Elevator-Pitch-Methode im Vorstellungsgespräch


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