The Power of Social Media in Employee Selection and Recruitment

The Power of Social Media in Employee Selection and Recruitment

Mila Haase

Talented International

In times of digital transformation and the huge influence of social media, companies need to find new ways to reach potential candidates. Just sending emails and hoping they write back is a waste of time and won´t get you there. Social Media Recruiting is the intersection where recruiting and marketing collide to reach new potential candidates through various social media channels.



As a recruiter, it is important to be active and present on the social media where potential candidates and clients are. Use LinkedIn, XING, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or TikTok to connect and network.



Recruiter always have to find new candidates for their clients. This can be quiet exhausting at times. By using social media networks, it is possible to find and contact passive candidates. This gives you an even larger talent pool. But be careful: respect the privacy and free time of potential candidates. For possible job enquiries, you should contact them through their professional networks such as LinkedIn or XING and do so individually and specifically. Networks like TikTok or Instagram can be used more for entertainment and information about your own company for employer branding.



Moreover, you can address your target group in their free time and where they spend most of their time: The Internet. It simplifies and speeds up the recruitment process. You can get in touch with potential candidates even faster and have the chance to build a connection with them, which gives you as a recruiter a better first impression. However, never neglect personal contact. Messaging is the only way you can determine if the potential candidate is a good fit for the company if you have never called them or spoken to them in person. A lot of information is lost through a message and a candidate can think about what answer he wants to give. If you have them on the phone, they have to answer directly. Maybe they are a little stressed. This way you can find out if the candidate really has potential and if you can introduce him to your client or not.



Another advantage of social media recruiting is the large talent pool. Users of platforms like LinkedIn or XING share their strengths, CVs and experiences. Even before contacting them, recruiters have the opportunity to look at the profile and decide whether the candidate is a good fit or not. It is like previewing candidates, which helps recruiters save time and focus on the real potential candidates for a client. Remember, however, that the appearance of a candidate´s profile says not everything about their skills and experience required for a particular job. A recruiter needs to identify, which facts are important to them, and which are not. Just because someone posts a lot does not mean they are committed to their job.



Social media recruiting is a cost-effective and, above all, effortless alternative to traditional recruiting methods with a higher reach to the target group. It is also measurable, as many social media offer individual reporting of activities.


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