The secret to recruiting in Technology

The secret to recruiting in Technology

What is the secret to hiring the best candidate for you, in the technology sector?

5 tips to become a next generation recruiter!

Stay alert on the trends in this industry, because some sectors, in just a couple of years, can be crowded while others are in-demand. For example, here are 9 trends in technology:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
  2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  3. Edge Computing
  4. Quantum Computing
  5. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  6. Blockchain
  7. Internet of Things (IoT)
  8. 5G
  9. Cyber Security

You need to be quick in your recruitment process, people in the tech industry don’t stay long out of the workforce. So when you find a good candidate, act fast, otherwise they’ll get hired somewhere else. Also the recruitment process nowadays is long and can discourage some candidates, so to maximize yours chances shorten your recruitment process to just a couple of easy steps.

Find innovative recruitment methods or strategies to get the best talents out there. When hiring in a sector with a very low volume of talent it can be hard to find good candidates so you’ll have to think outside the box. For example, look to hire passive candidates on various platforms

As a tech recruiter, you don’t need to know all about the tech industry, but if you want to gain more credibility, you’ll need to understand the projects and trends. Most importantly, know your clients well. To stay on top of trends you can read blogs like: LinkedIn Talent blog or ours. You will find any topics you need.

Lastly, a recruiter with passion, will always be more attractive to a candidate! Ask about the environment they used to work in, and more importantly don’t be scared to use technical terms with candidates.

If you can’t do all that or don’t have time, don’t worry! You should ask for help from a recruitment agency that does this all the time. Crypto and AI are trending in the industry, so if you partner with a recruitment agency that uses AI like us, you should have à strong competitive edge to get further quicker and find passive candidates.



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