This is how you hire great employees: Step-by-Step Guide

This is how you hire great employees: Step-by-Step Guide

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Finding the right match can be though and not so easy as expected. There is a plenty of great potential candidates that will be a win for your company. But first, you need to accept the fact that you need to hire new employees and then find those candidates.


What are the signs that show you it is time to hire new employees? There is a high employee turnover, a need for specialized skills or an inability to take on new projects or clients.



Here is the ultimate Step-by-Step Guide you should follow when you want to hire great employees.



Do your research.


By looking at similar job descriptions and scanning resumes of qualified candidates, companies can understand which skills and experiences are most important and required for that role. Moreover, companies can identify the most popular job titles and keywords candidates are searching for.



Choose a highly clickable job description.


Companies should write the title as specific as possible. They should avoid buzzwords and pick standard job titles instead.



Create a standout job description.


Hiring manager need to be aware of what the ideal candidate is likely to search for and inject these popular keywords into the job description. A captivating job summary in a friendly, conversational, and informational tone provides an overview to the applicant. It should include the core responsibilities, requirements like hard and soft skills and rewards to encourage the right candidates to apply for that position. Moreover, companies should highlight their corporate culture, values, and people.



Review applicant resumes.


Applicants who do not match the key job requirements should be filter out by sending them a rejection email. Could be because they put a lot of spelling mistakes in their CV, no clear career progression or their skills do not match the job description.



Interview the top candidates.


After rejecting all the candidates that did not match the job requirements, there should be some of the top candidates left. Start with a quick 15–30-minute phone screen to get a first impression of the applicant and find out whether they meet the basic job description and determine if there is a mutual fit. If so, invite at least three of the most promising candidates to an in-person interview.



Check references.


“Trust is good, control is better.” By checking references companies can gain insights and ensure that the employees they want to hire are honest about their work experiences and skills. Request at least three references from your top candidates and ask them whether they can confirm the candidate´s job title and responsibilities, their strengths, and weaknesses and for how long they worked with the candidate.



Choose your perfect candidate.


Choose wisely and reflect everything what you learned about the candidates. Think about what your business, these positions, and the team needs and whether the candidate would fit and add value. Talk with anyone else who was involved in the hiring process as well and compare your notes.



Make an offer of employment to the applicant.


Before sending the job offer, companies should send the official offer letter and set up a time to talk over the phone. Express excitement and present the terms of the offer. The offer letter should cover everything talked about during the phone call: salary, benefits, start date, etc.



Notify rejected candidates as soon as possible.


Although the perfect candidate was founded and took the offer, all the other applicants are waiting for a response. If they did not hear back from the company, they applied at, candidates have a negative perception of a company. Be respectful and notify your rejected candidates as soon as possible. For the candidates that have reached this far in the process, deliver a personalized rejection over the phone, and explain your decision to them. Give them feedback to help them understand why it did not work out.


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