Top 10 jobs in video games industry

Top 10 jobs in video games industry

Video games took a significant place in our daily lives. Seewhat are the top 10 jobs in this field!

The video game industry is becoming more and more significant in our daily lives. Here are the top 10 jobs if you are ineressted working in the video games industry.

1. Game Designer
There were more than 7,000 new posts that were filled in 2018. It represents a growth of 12%. The average salary for this job is about 66K/year depending on your experience.

2. Software Developer
Software Developers are still in demand. The Labor agency foresees a growth of 22% for this job, which is more than the average for all careers. The salary for this position is about 72K/year.

3. Writer
This position is fundamental for video games. In fact writers are writing all the script of the story behind the video games. They earn 70K/year.

4. Animator
This position is projected to grow by 4% in the next few years due to the higher demand in video games, movies and television animation. The salary for this type of position is about 50K/year.

5. Sound Designer.
Sound designers are making all the sound effects in the games so they are truly important for the sector. The salaries are wide but on average they earn 54K/year.

6. Translator
With the growth of the video game industry the sector recruits more video games translators. They earn on average 54K/year.

7. Video Game Tester
The video game testers are expecting a growth of 12%. The average salary for this position is 53K/year.

8. Voice Actor
This position has been increasing with the digitalisation. Voice actors are not only required in the video games field, but also for commercials in TV and radio. The average salary depends on the experience of the actor and its reputation.

9. Market Research Analyst
The projections for this type of position are good. Indeed, the Market Research Analyst is about a growth of 18% for 2029. The average salary for this position is about 53K/year.

10. Composer
Over the past 10 year the composer (music composer) has grown 178%. This enormous growth is not about to stop. A composer in the video game field earns about 57K/year.



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