Use your body language!

Use your body language!

Mila Haase

Talented International

Imagine you are the HR manager of a big company and today you have two interviews with two applicants who are great on paper. CV, experiences, and goals are a perfect match for the job you are offering. The first applicant enters your office. He is appropriately dressed, kind, smiling, sitting straight but relaxed on the chair in front of you, hands on the table or legs. The candidate seems friendly and open. It was a good interview.



The second applicant appears. Also dressed appropriately and kind. But no smile. Just a expressionless face sitting on the chair in front of you as if he/she were sitting on the couch. It seems as if the applicant is too relaxed. Not sitting straight and the arms folded in front of the chest.


The candidate could also answer all the questions you asked them perfectly as well.



But what is your tend to do when you have to choose between the two?


Both are perfect for the company and the vacancy. Both could answer the questions perfectly and also had their own questions that gave the impression that they were well prepared. But while the body language of the first applicant seemed open and respectful to you, the second applicant seemed rather bored, and unprofessional. Therefore, you would naturally choose the first candidate.



Use the right body language, for example by using calm gestures that emphasise in the right places. Adopt a facing posture and use your hands to speak.  But be careful: too much movement looks hectic and makes you appear weak. Smile and maintain eye contact with the person you are talking to because no eye contact gives the impression of rudeness. Always imagine you are the HR and you are interviewing yourself. Would you hire yourself just because of the way you use your body language?


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