Use Your Network to Find a New Job

Use Your Network to Find a New Job

Mila Haase

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Social Media is not only for your personal entertainment. It can be a great way for your professional networking as well. Use this opportunity, especially when you are searching for a new job. It can lead to information and job leads, often before a job is even announced. Build up relations with personal, professional, academic, or family contacts. But it is not only about building them up. You will never know when you might need your network to achieve your career goals, which is why you should have an active career network. Be present, carrying and share relevant job opening with your networkers as well.


Improve your account, take a closer look on the way you represent yourself on the internet, and start connecting with persons that could help you achieve your career goals.


We offer you the most important tips you need to know before starting your professional network journey.



Tip 1: Start following persons you need in your network.


Connections are a Must-Have if you want to be recognized in a pool full of great Talents. You need to know what persons can help you. Make a list including past or present co-workers, managers, supervisors, past or present clients, acquaintances from your personal life, past or present teachers or professors and anyone you meet and have a professional conversation about your career.



Tip 2: Contact them.


Reaching out to people can be tough for some of us. We may not know how to contact them, what to write or how to ask for a favour. Before you start networking, you should figure out what you want. Let them know what your situation is about in a specific way. Start with the people who like you and can recommend you and your abilities. Describe your goals and keep them informed on your job search progress. Also, prepare them for any calls of potential employers and thank them regardless.



Tip 3: Build up relationships.


It is always about give and take. By networking and making connections you receive information but also need to share some. You can ask questions but also need to answer theirs.


To build a relationship that lasts, you should be authentic. Do not lie about your personality or try to hide something. Tell them who you are and what you want. Being you will be more successful in the long run.


Be considerate while connecting. You should be aware of the capacity someone has for you. If you try to reconnect with an old friend or colleague, you should take your time to get through the catching-up phase before telling them you need help. If you want to connect with a professional busy person, you should keep it short and come straight to the point.


In both ways never ask for a job, but for advice. Asking straight for a job can pressure your counterpart and might put you in a bad light. Instead, ask for information or insights and if they are able to hire you or refer you to someone, they will. Just be respectful and kind.


When you ask the for advice or information or even tell them about yourself because they want to help you, be prepared. Be specific in your request and clearly about what you are looking for.


J. Kobara & M. Smith, Job Networking Tips, 28.11.2022


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