What is social recruiting?

What is social recruiting?

Social media can be a useful tool in terms of recruitment, but how?  

What is social recruitment?

Social recruitment is using social media to attract candidates for a position. Social media is an opportunity for recruiters. Indeed almost half of the population is using social media and it can be another option aside from job listing websites.

What are the advantages of social recruitment?

  • Social media is a perfect way to communicate about your brand and hence see the people who are seeing your posts and start applying to them. You can start building a relationship and connect with your future candidates.
  • Show your company value. Using social media helps you promote your brand and show your values. Moreover by promoting your brand you are more likely to attract candidates that you never thought of.
  • Using social media for recruiting will help you save money. Placement ads for jobs are expensive for uncertain results. With your promotion on social media you reach a larger number of people that could be interested.
  • Recruiting with social media will reduce your hiring time. Because you can contact the candidate quickly and easily you can see if the candidate will be fitted or not. You also can build a relationship faster and learn about them in no time.



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