What makes a good job advertisement?

What makes a good job advertisement?

Mila Haase

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To create the perfect job advertisement can be more difficult as first thought. It is essential for every company when they are searching for new candidates for a certain position. It is one of the first touchpoints between a company and a potential candidate. Therefore, it needs to be structured and give the candidate an overview about the job position.


Before writing a job advertisement, companies should keep in mind who is their target group of candidates to tailor the advertisement to suit what will be most important to them while ensuring that it is posted on the right online networks.



Here is how to write and create the perfect job ad:



Job title:


Find an eye-catching and significant title that describes in one word, what this job is about.



Intro and job overview:


Time to shine as an employer! In this sector you can explain why candidates should work for you and what makes you as an employer unique. It is a description of the company, the role, and what it takes to excel in the role. Give an overview about the structure of the team, the reputation of the company, future projects, career prospects and the corporate culture. But be careful, do not overdo it. Two to three paragraphs should be maximum.



Benefits and Duties:


For many people it is important to know how much they could get paid when they are searching for a job. Therefore, companies should give information about how much you could earn or even write the exact salary in it. By giving a broad salary range, what is most common for job ads, companies are more flexible to negotiate with the candidate.



Responsibilities and Duties:


Use bullet points where you write in present tense and full sentences. Describe the essential duties of the role by listing them in order of importance. To speak to a wider target group, you should avoid gender language. By using gender-neutral language everyone who is interested in the position feels addressed.



Requirements and Qualifications:

This part of the job advertisement is for describing and explaining about all the requirements and qualifications that are needed for the job position. It should be like a shortlist of three essential requirements and three desirable characteristics. It is about the educational requirements, years of experiences needed (with specific skills), personality characteristics that are excel in the role, necessary certifications, preferred qualifications as well as qualifications with added value.



Closing and applications instructions:


At the end the company should describe in two to three sentences the timeline of the hiring and the application process. Keep it simple and short so the candidate is willing to apply if everything seems to fit.


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