What questions should be asked at the debriefing session?

What questions should be asked at the debriefing session?

Mila Haase

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We have already clarified why a debrief after an interview of a candidate is so important for recruiters. With asking targeted questions recruiters gain insights into their experiences and perspective regarding the interview process. But let´s go deeper into detail and see which questions should be asked during a debrief.


Start with a simple question:


How do you think the interview went?


As a recruiter you want to know how many people were involved, how long the interview was, who led the conversation and what the candidate´s personal feeling about the interview is.



Then go deeper and level it up to a more personal conversation:


What are your feelings regarding the organization & the role now?


The aim of recruiters is to find the perfect fit for their clients. A candidate that is not satisfied about the company anymore is not the right one anymore. To find out whether they are or not recruiters need to ask whether the candidate still wants to work for the company. If this role is the right fit for their needs and whether they think they have the right skills to succeed in this role. Furthermore, recruiters try to find out whether the salary for this position is sufficient.



What do you think about their working environment and corporate culture?


A work-life-balance becomes the wish and requirement of many people when it comes to looking or deciding for an employer. Therefore, it is important for recruiters to know some insights about a company. Did the candidates value align those of the organization? Did the candidate have the chance to meet other team members? Are there any work environment accommodations you think you need to ask for?



Also, it is important for recruiters to get insights into their interview process. The questions they asked and how they create the interview.



What type of questions did the hiring manager ask you?


Were there more skills-based, personality-based, or situational questions? Was the candidate able to answer all the questions successfully? Were there any questions that the candidate did not have a chance to answer and if so, what kind of questions?



What next steps did the hiring manager outline?


Did they invite the candidate to an additional interview, or did they say when they plan to contact the applicant again? How likely is the candidate to accept an offer if the hiring manager decides to move forward? As a recruiter you want to get to know better about both sides, the company´s and your candidate´s.



The last essential question you should ask as a recruiter:


What questions did you ask at the end?


Before a recruiter´s candidate has an interview there will always be a coaching. That helps candidates to be, most of the times, perfectly prepared. One thing every recruiter is going to mention is the importance of queries. Every candidate should ask questions after to show interest. On the other side, the recruiter wants to know whether the hiring manager was able to answer those questions and whether the candidate feels satisfied with the answers or whether there are any additional questions left.


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