What you should do before quitting your job

What you should do before quitting your job

Mila Haase

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Are you satisfied with your current job? Do you feel connected to the company and the corporate culture? Do you feel that you can achieve your professional goals in this company? Can you identify with what the company stands for? Do you have a good relationship with the managers?

Have you ever thought about quitting your current job because it is not what you thought it would be? If so, how can you tell your manager about it and what do you need to do before leaving your job?

Here are some Tips & Tricks to follow to quit gracefully.


Why are you thinking about quitting your job? Is it because of another job offer that sounds more interesting to you? Is it because of your health, which is continues to deteriorate every day you enter the office? Is it because of your working schedule or because you want a career change that your current supervisor cannot offer you? Or do you need a change and want to start something new?

A very important tip from me: Don´t quit unless you have a better offer in hand.



Be quiet.

Never tell your colleagues before you tell your boss! No matter how good the relationship between you and a colleague may be, your supervisor should always be the first person to know about your decision when it comes to your job. Otherwise, people could be gossip, and false facts could be added to your explanation of the decision.

And in case someone does find out somehow, do not worry. Just be quicker to tell your manager before someone else does.




Always quit in person if it is possible. Do not resign by email or phone, as this seems very disrespectful and can upset the manager, which we try to avoid. We do not want our former supervisor telling this to future prospects.

Prepare for the termination interview before you make an appointment. Always be polite in this interview. That is, do not attack the company or the department. Give reasons why you want to leave your job and resign. Also, choose a few things to thank them for.



Be prepared.

It may happen that they make you a counteroffer. You need to think about this possibility before you enter the interview. Would a higher salary solve the problem? Is this what you wanted? If so, you should negotiate first before quitting altogether.


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