Where are all the German speaking candidates?

Where are all the German speaking candidates?

Wonder why you can’t find enough German candidates?

So, what is it that makes German recruitment so difficult? Don’t worry, many wonder, as we are all in the same boat… even Germans themselves! Well, let’s look at some of the reasons why finding and recruiting German speakers is so challenging:


  • Germany has an aging population. Post war demographics have meant not enough children were conceived and therefore the years of lacking births have accumulated into today’s shortage!


  • Constant very low unemployment rate. That doesn’t help obviously, but with the impact of the first point and the growth of the next one below, unemployment has been at an all time low for several years. In addition, when Talent is encouraged to stay in Germany, they sure aren’t going to be easily attracted to relocate abroad. Only a small portion of them will want to venture the fun experience and only for a limited amount of time!


  • Strong economy: German companies are strong. They have been since they came out of WW2. Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Software, Media, Banking… many sectors are strong in Germany, creating an enviable economy and driving growth. Can you name leading corporations without naming a German company?


  • Strong business community. With lots of start-ups and large established companies, Germany is a great environment to do business, so everyone is doing it there, driving sales, therefore employment and leaving the market with very few available worker.


  • Structured workforce. People stay in the same job, and sometimes for years. They respect their employment so don’t jump quickly to something else, so it is challenging to attract them, leading to our next point…


  • Salaries are high. Strong economy and high taxes to cover great benefits in the health system and infrastructure, gross salaries are high. It is therefore hard to compete in the rest of Europe to get those workers and even harder to get them to move to another country for a lower salary

So, now that we know the problem, what solutions do we have?


  • Find German speakers who are not German natives, from the bordering countries


  • Attract German candidates who are already living abroad. This is where you have a chance – the factors on your favor may be: You company or brand, the role you are offering, the package, the culture/company values or your city (a beach might help…)


  • Build attractive Employer brands and packages to include salary and benefits, so we can convince them to take an international step in their career. You need to show your values, your culture and what makes you different as an employer


  • Hire more graduates, who may not know yet where they want to work and chances are they might want to see the World before settling down at home. It’s up to you to get them at the right time and entice them with an international opportunity


  • Provide cross skills training. Find good candidates who may not have the right experience and see if you can put them on a training plan to upskill them or move them up. In my recruiting time, between 2000 and 2010, many Customer Service agents got the opportunity to move into other fields or become Managers, in Clients Services, Sales, Account Management or Marketing.



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I am Diana Haltermann, Native German & Spanish with Fluent English. I have been leading my German speaking recruitment team for the past 5 years, assisting corporations identify and select the most suitable candidates for the DACH markets.
My expertise is in building relationships with companies so we can work together to find the best talent. I have done this for many years in several countries, working in organizations like Vistaprint or Facebook, and now help many multinationals in finding the right people for their business.

We have helped corporations set-up in Germany in many sectors such as Technology, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals or Engineering, and also assisted many in expanding their EMEA operations. From Country Managers to Customer Service agents, my team can use their strong expertise on the German markets to find the right talent for you.

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