Why candidates pull out from the recruitment process?

Why candidates pull out from the recruitment process?

Anaëlle Guyomard

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The recruitment process is the set of steps required to hire a new member in a company or organization. The key steps in the recruitment process may vary depending on the company and the position to be filled, but in general they may include defining the position, advertising the job, interviewing candidates, defining the most promising ones and possibly invite them for another set of interviews. This process is already very time consuming as it is, and  can also be stressful for the candidate, but technically, it’s not over just yet. Another key step is the induction: After selecting the candidate, they need to be inducted into the company by providing them information about policies and procedures and helping them to adapt to their new position.



The recruitment process is an important process for the company, as it helps to find the most qualified candidates for the position. A well-designed recruitment process also enhances the company’s reputation by providing a positive experience for candidates, even those who are not selected.


However, sometimes candidates decide to abandon the recruitment process midway through. There are several reasons why candidates may abandon the recruitment process.



The most common reasons are:


  • The recruitment process is too long or too complicated: Candidates may get tired of a recruitment process that takes too long or is too complex.


  • Lack of communication or transparency: Candidates may be frustrated by a lack of communication or transparency on the part of the employer or recruiter. They may not have enough information about the status of their application or the next steps in the process.


  • Lack of interest or enthusiasm for the job: Candidates may lose interest in the job if they no longer see it as relevant to their career goals or if they find the company does not match their values.


  • More attractive job offers elsewhere: Candidates may abandon the recruitment process if they receive a more attractive offer from another company.


  • Negative experience: If candidates have a negative experience with the employer or recruiter, they may decide not to continue the recruitment process. This may include unprofessional interactions, unattractive working conditions or offensive comments.



In conclusion, it is important for employers and recruiters to consider these factors and ensure that their recruitment process is transparent, efficient and candidate-friendly in order to retain talent and attract the best possible candidates. The recruitment process can be stressful for both sides, as it represents a lot of work and possibly a huge amount of time but everyone has been a candidate at one point, and it will always be important to treat the others the way you would like to be treated.



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