Why is debriefing a candidates so important?

Why is debriefing a candidates so important?

Mila Haase

Talented International

A debriefing is a conversation with your candidate after their interview with one of your clients. It is a kind of workshop method where the applicant can collect, sort and reflect on their experiences, positive or negative. This not only helps applicants to find possible mistakes they have made or to reflect on whether the job or the company is really the right place for them. It also helps the recruiters, because with the information they can prepare other applicants for the same client.


In addition, debriefing helps recruiters find out more about the recruiter’s expectations for the job and the type of candidate they are looking for.
Therefore, the applicant needs to tell the recruiter what happened. This can be positive or negative. Both are very important. Then the recruiter and the applicant have to find out why some things happened the way they did and what can be done better next time.


Recruiters should or must debrief after every interview to create transparency and thus strengthen the relationship between recruiters and applicants. Therefore, it is necessary to be honest with the applicants and the applicant must be honest with the recruiter. As already said, both sides, recruiter and applicant, can learn from this. It also enhances the quality of service provided by the recruiter and the applicant. Another advantage of debriefing applicants is that it raises their awareness of interviews.


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