Why shouldn’t you use a Recruitment agency?

Why shouldn’t you use a Recruitment agency?

You should not use a recruitment agency if you are not going to treat them as your partner!

A recruitment agency is your best ally in the race to acquire the ideal Talent for you. In today’s very competitive, candidate-driven job market, finding and hiring great candidates is quite hard. This is why many companies turn to recruitment agencies to help them recruit the right people. There is the cost, but you receive an expert service, so while you could cook at home all the time, sometimes you choose to outsource the “cooking and service” to a restaurant! The same goes for recruiting.

Here are the 5 main reasons why companies decide to use recruitment agencies’ services:

1) Your partners work hard for you

An agency mostly works on success. They give you the time and efforts to contacts dozens or maybe hundreds of candidates across the market to help you find the right one for you.
They spend their day sourcing, calling, convincing, influencing candidates for your brand, and they invest into expensive job boards so they can find more and better people for you. They also build relationships with candidates, so at the right time, they can be on your side to get the candidate you really want.
They do all of this for you to find the right person and only then, they get paid!
In many industries, companies do not work for free and get paid once you are happy!

2) Lack of in-house hiring expertise

Some companies, such as start-ups and small companies, do not have a dedicated in-house Talent Acquisition teams. These companies may lack the expertise or the resources (job boards, talent pipelines, other sourcing platforms as well as headhunting of passive candidates) to find and hire the best candidates. To ensure that they reach the best talent and that their hiring process is done professionally and effectively, they choose to use the services of recruitment agencies.

3) Time saving

Hiring can be quite time-consuming. Using a recruitment agency can help you save time. The recruitment process is certainly not a quick one and, recruiters can end up spending hours and getting nowhere. Recruitment agencies take away some of the hassle…Screening lots of CVs to find the right ones, Candidate communications, including follow up, general administrative duties up to Salary negotiations. In addition, recruitment agencies are professionals who recruit for a living, hence why they already have candidates in their network who may be exactly the right fit for your open positions, and they have a market expertise. In other words, you can hire the best candidate much faster!

4) Get more access to qualified candidates

Another reason why many companies turn to recruitment agencies is to improve their quality of hire. Agencies recruit all the time so they gain access to a range of different skilled and experienced candidates. Most recruitment agencies are specialized in specific industries or sectors, which means they already have a pool of talent at their disposal in that market or industry. It would be impossible for you to keep up-to-date with your sector.
They also drive volume of advertising, have access to many tools, and speak to active and passive candidates all the time, so chances are, they speak to the talent you might be interested in. They qualify many candidates and will always try to convince someone to move jobs for your company.

5) They sell your Employer Branding

Agencies know how important employer branding is – not just when it comes to recruitment – but to a business. Therefore, agencies represent you professionally throughout the entire recruitment process, and they will also ensure that candidates get a feel for your company culture and brand as well – something which is priceless these days. It is also good to have an agency on your side, because they will back you up at every step of the way.

This is really why, you should not use A recruitment agency, you should Choose a partner that understands you and works for you, ensuring the trust between you both, so you can achieve the best results in recruiting your Talent.

At Talented International, we have built our business on quality, expertise and technologies.


Using the most advanced tools to source and engage with our candidates, we ensure our time is spent on building relationships. We identify the right talent for our clients to support their expansion and advise them on market conditions as well as talent engagement needs so they can keep talent at the core of their business.

We operate in several local markets, especially in France, Germany, Spain and Ireland. We also help our clients in the Benelux region, the UK and the United States. Our focus is to ensure we identify the right profile for our clients to expand their business having the most suitable Talent on board.

We work mostly on specific roles, where Talent is usually hard to find.
We use various HR Technologies to support our process and always aim to improve they way we operate and the efficiency of the technologies we use.

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