Why Sticking to a Preferred List for Hiring Might Hold Your Business Back

Why Sticking to a Preferred List for Hiring Might Hold Your Business Back

Thomas Duport

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Why Sticking to a Preferred List for Hiring Might Hold Your Business Back


When companies stick too closely to a list of favorite suppliers for hiring, they might be missing out on some great talent. Imagine having a favorite ice cream flavor, say, vanilla. You might love vanilla, but if you only ever try that one flavor, you might miss out on discovering how amazing other flavors like strawberry or chocolate can be!

Missing Different Kinds of Talent

Just like there are many ice cream flavors, there are lots of different kinds of talented people out there. Relying only on a small group of suppliers, like having just one ice cream flavor, means missing out on all the other skills and fresh ideas that could help your company grow and improve.

Slowing Down New Ideas

Think of your business like a playground. When you invite the same friends every day, things might get a bit boring. But when you bring in new friends from different places, you get new games and ideas. By sticking only to a favorite list, businesses might miss out on fresh, new ways of doing things and cool ideas that come from different places.

Falling Behind the Competition

Imagine your favorite sports team only playing against the same opponents every time. They wouldn’t get better if they didn’t challenge themselves against new teams with different tactics. In business, not exploring different talent sources can make a company slower to adapt to new challenges. This might give other companies an advantage if they’re more open to trying new things.

Getting Stuck in One Place

Just like people need different foods to stay healthy, businesses need different talents to stay competitive. If a company always sticks to the same list, they might end up doing the same things over and over without improving. It’s like eating the same food every day—it gets boring!

Making Work Less Fun

Work is like a party where everyone brings something different. If you invite the same people all the time, the party might get a bit dull. In a business, inviting new talents keeps things interesting for everyone. But if a company always hires from the same list, it might make the workplace less exciting for everyone.

What Can Be Done?

It’s like having a favorite playlist but also discovering new music. Companies can keep their favorite suppliers but also try new ones from time to time. This way, they can find new talents and fresh ideas. They can also think about whether their favorite list is helping them find the best people for every job.


Having a preferred supplier list is like having a favorite, reliable way of doing things. But just like trying new ice cream flavors or inviting new friends to a party, businesses should also explore outside their comfort zone. By mixing their favorite suppliers with new sources, companies can find amazing talents, new ideas, and stay ahead in the game.

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