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Future of Work - Recruiting Trends 2021

Discover what are the trends in recruitment in 2021

Top trends to watch out for next year

Recruiting Germans

Where are all the German candidates?

Wonder why you can’t find enough German candidates?

Well, here is how you can do it

Working together

Why you shouldn’t use a Recruitment agency!

Recruitment is all about relationships, so don't USE a Recruitment agency

Discover why recruitment agencies can be your best allies and not just a basic supplier

Use Artificial Intelligence to recruit employees

Discover 5 Great Ways companies use AI!

Discover how you can employ Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment process

Rewards and Benefits since Covid-19

What are the changes?

Let's look at some of the changes for employers and employees

5 predictions about the future of recruitment

What's in the future?

Let's look at the potential future of recruitment

Employer Branding: your weapon to attract Talent

What inventive strategies to implement for talent acquisition?

Let's look at social media, digital content, emails, text messages, and more

CV Tips: 7 questions to ask yourself

Follow our tips to write a CV that will get interviews!

Let's look at 7 key questions to write an attractive CV

How to handle rejection with dignity!

Discover our recruiters' pro tips!

Learn how to handle rejection with dignity in 4 tips.

Recruiters: how to debrief with your candidates?

Get examples of debriefing questions!

Learn how to debrief with your candidates and the benefits of doing so!

Managing in times of change and uncertainty!

Do you know for what VUCA stands for?

Discover how to become a successful leader in a VUCA environment.

Survival guide for WFH parents

How to work whilst minding your children?

Discover our pro tips in our survival guide for WFH parents.

More articles to come!

More articles to come!

More articles to come!

More articles to come!

More articles to come!

More articles to come!

More articles to come!

More articles to come!

More articles to come!


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